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Mathilde Simon profiel Rotterdam Centrum
Written by Mathilde Simon
May 1, 2023

From chic perfume shops to trendy Indonesian food: they know how to live life on the Kruiskade in Rotterdam. This is the place where you buy beautiful (designer) items and receive fantastic service. Come and take a look at this special Rotterdam street.

Skins Cosmetics

A place for luxury and self-care. Because at Skins Cosmetics you can buy the most beautiful perfumes, skin care or scented candles. And not only that: you can also go here for extensive facial treatments.

The great thing about Skins Cosmetics is the service; Let the staff advise you on the scent that suits you best. Also useful if you are looking for a gift. Did you also know that you can have your own perfume developed here? They do this by blending and layering perfumes, in order to achieve a unique scent.

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A restaurant, cocktail bar and club. At TIWYA you get everything in one. And all this with an authentic Indonesian twist. This is one of the nice places on the Kruiskade to enjoy tasty Indonesian family recipes, exotic cocktails and good music.

The dishes are just like the interior and the vibe: trendy. This is where you eat delicious shared dining dishes. This means colourful snacks, both fish, meat and vegan, that you can share with your group.

‘This is one of the nice places on the Kruiskade to enjoy tasty Indonesian family recipes, exotic cocktails and good music.’

IWC Schaffhausen

IWC Schaffhausen, the Swiss manufacturer of super luxury watches, has a beautiful boutique on the Kruiskade. This is the first location in Europe to feature IWC's updated immersive layout concept that highlights key aspects of the brand, such as technical expertise and materials knowledge.

In the 124 square metre store you will find a number of special features that will make the hearts of watch enthusiasts beat faster. For example, you will find touchscreen panels in the store, on which all information about all watches can be found in all corners of the boutique.

It is also possible on these screens to see in which ways you can personalize a watch. IWC is looking forward to sharing the rich history of the brand through this personal shopping experience and introducing the collection in the Port City and far beyond.

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Akkerman Eye Fashion

The glass windows and curves of the building quickly catch the eye. This beautiful eyewear store is the place on the Kruiskade where you can buy (sun)glasses from great designers. Think Chanel, Prada and Tom Ford. Did you even know that Elton John flew to Rotterdam especially for the Akkerman store?

And you should definitely take a look at the secret vault or "The Vault". This completely new store concept contains very exclusive custom glasses.

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At the bottom of the Hilton hotel you will find restaurant JAQ: a colourful and trendy place where you can have lunch, dinner or drinks. The menu includes soups, burgers, bowls, sandwiches and of course bar bites. And the good thing is: the menu is composed in such a way that you can order all dishes for both lunch and dinner.

Our frontrunner Thijs visited restaurant JAQ. His final verdict? "JAQ knows how to positively surprise! The nice thing about this restaurant is that there is something for every guest. For example, you can turn it into an extensive culinary evening if you go for the 3-course surprise menu. But if this isn't your thing, you can of course also stop by for a burger and continue the evening elsewhere in the centre."

Bron hilton com jaq


A name that many heard of. Oger is the place to go for beautiful (tailored) suits. With no fewer than four locations in the Netherlands and one in Belgium, a store in Rotterdam should of course not be missed. And what better place than on the Kruiskade?

Of course you can walk in and shop what's in the store. But there is also the possibility to create suits, jackets, shirts and other items entirely to your taste. Choose the method, the buttons, the fabric and more.

Voorkeur 1 Binnenstad 057033

Schaap & Citroen

This jewelry store cannot be missed in a city like Rotterdam. You will find this luxury jeweler in the heart of the centre, on the Kruiskade. What makes this jeweler so special since 1888? Their beautiful collection of Rolex watches and craftsmanship when it comes to these special clocks.

Schaap en Citroen voorzijde Kruiskade

The Lobby

You may notice that a new piece of architecture is under construction next to the Dreamhouse on the Kruiskade: The Lobby. This beautiful building will be completed soon.

What can you expect from The Lobby? The ground floor of The Lobby will house luxury shops. The transparency of the building allows you to look inside from the street.

In addition, there is also room for restaurants in The Lobby, with the pavilion with roof garden as icing on the cake. The latter is something that the whole of Rotterdam can enjoy. Sliding glass doors have been chosen for the roof pavilion, so that there is a lot of light. The roof terrace will be set up in an accessible manner and can be visited at any time of the year.

The Lobby Manhave intersection Vivid Vision
The Lobby Manhave front facade Vivid Vision
Mathilde Simon profiel Rotterdam Centrum
Written by Mathilde Simon
May 1, 2023