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Entrepreneurs and property owners in the core shopping area will work together as of 1 January 2019 on the basis of a BIZ disposition (BIZ stands for 'Business Investment Zone).

The BIZ area consists of Central Plaza, Kruiskade, Lijnbaan area (including Korte Lijnbaan and Binnenwegplein), Koopgoot, Beursplein and WTC shops. The BIZ works closely with other areas in the city centre of Rotterdam.

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The BIZ area

Objective BIZ

The aim of the BIZ is to increase the quality of life and safety in the city centre and to strengthen the spatial quality and economic development. This will lead to an investment of at least six million euros in the period 2019 - 2023.

Benefits BIZ

The introduction of the BIZ creates additional financial opportunities. As a result, activities in the field of clean, whole and safe, which have already been undertaken, can be carried out even better and also in a larger area. In addition, marketing and promotion for the sub areas will be raised to a higher level and better coordinated. In addition, initiatives are possible for the development and implementation of strategic plans that have a long-term effect.

The team

The board of the BIZ Rotterdam Centre consists of representatives from the owners and the entrepreneurs. The operational implementation of the BIZ is in the hands of Rotterdam Centre, a collaboration between property owners and retail and catering entrepreneurs in the centre of Rotterdam.

Rotterdam Centre

Rotterdam Centre is both the name of the joint foundation and of the organisation that provides services to entrepreneurs and owners in the city centre and that ensures the implementation of the BIZ annual plans on behalf of the BIZ board.

A team of four professionals is busy every day to relieve entrepreneurs and owners and to make new plans. The chairman of the Rotterdam Centre board is in direct contact with the BIZ board.

Team foto Rotterdam Centrum
Left to right: Heleen Mookhoek, Jeannette van Cappellen, Marlou van Cappellen and Pauline Buurma.

Advisory Board

Wilbert Lek, managing director of Rotterdam Partners.



We keep members informed of the latest developments within the retail industry. Both the national and the Rotterdam trends. Affiliated entrepreneurs have access to the private retail platform Chainels.

Clean, intact and accessible

When it comes to clean, intact and accessible, the BIZ strives for extra quality. In these areas, the interests of members are represented by us, in close collaboration with the Municipality of Rotterdam and various chain partners.

Support of business associations

Members can make use of the financial and administrative support for associations of entrepreneurs. Think of debtor policy, financial annual overview and VAT returns. But also supervision of a permit application, facility and/or secretarial support at meetings.

Safety through Supervision Model

Members are connected to the Supervision Model, which means they can do business safely. For example, the affiliated chain partners quickly assist members in the event of a shoplifting, for example, and the Chainels app immediately helps with information about the latest security news.

Promotion and marketing

Rotterdam Centre sees and uses opportunities in the field of promotion, marketing and events. An annual plan is drawn up in close collaboration with the area councils, which includes a permanent focus on promotion and marketing.


Rotterdam Centre works for members and for contributing parties in the BIZ area. We would like to inform you personally about the possibilities and advantages of a membership. Please feel free to contact us.

BIZ information and annual plans

Success video 2019-2023.
BIZ video RC in conversation with the Alderman for Economy.


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