Half the work Plan you visit

A good start is half the work! Where do you stay, how do you travel around and what do you want to do? Plan your visit to Rotterdam well for a carefree time in the port city.

When you stay the night Stay overnight

The best way to experience Rotterdam is to spend the night here. Discover the best hotels and special accommodations on our website.

Tips & Tricks Travel Inspiration

There is so much fun to do in Rotterdam. Follow these handy tips that will take you to well-known attractions and hidden gems for an unforgettable day in the port city.

Explore the city Must sees

Iconic buildings, artsy streets and historic sites, all lined up. Read about the gems of Rotterdam that you must visit!

Find the way Accessibility

Rotterdam is well connected, both to and within Rotterdam. Read how to get around the city by bike, car, water taxi and public transport.

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