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Cozy shopping areas in Rotterdam Centre

Koopgoot bovenaanzicht 2 Koopgoot bovenaanzicht Guido Pijper

Most shopping areas are located in the centre of Rotterdam. From Central Station you walk towards the centre along the Lijnbaan and a little further you will find the Koopgoot. These shopping areas are both a must-visit during your shopping day in Rotterdam.

Are you also looking for the more unusual and small shops? Then be sure to visit the 'smaller' streets, such as Oude Binnenweg and Pannekoekstraat. Below we take you to some amazing Rotterdam shopping areas!

Lijnbaan Rotterdam

Perhaps the most famous shopping street in Rotterdam: the Lijnbaan. This beating Rotterdam shopping heart never stands still and is brimming with energy. It was the first shopping promenade in the Netherlands and the first car-free shopping street in Europe! You will find all major and well-known retail chains together. From international brands such as H&M and Zara to the traditional Dutch HEMA and the Bijenkorf.

Lijnbaan logo centrum
The Lijnbaan in the spring!
Visit de Lijnbaan
Discover this shopping heart of Rotterdam!

Koopgoot Rotterdam

The Koopgoot is a household name and absolutely worth a visit during your stay in Rotterdam. As soon as you get off the Beurs metro station, you walk straight into this attractive shopping area. The sunken shopping arcade, which officially bears the name 'Beurstraverse', runs right under the Coolsingel. You will find the world famous chains, but also cool pop-up stores and nice gift shops. So something for everyone!

Koopgoot bovenaanzicht 2 Koopgoot bovenaanzicht Guido Pijper
The cozy Koopgoot in Rotterdam.
To the Koopgoot
Discover all the shops in the world famous Koopgoot!

Kruiskade Rotterdam

From chic perfume shops to hip Indonesian eateries; the Kruiskade in Rotterdam is a real melting pot of cultures, where they know exactly how to enjoy life. This is the place where you buy beautiful (designer) items, meet a multitude of cultures and where you can count on service with a smile.

Kruiskade Rotterdam
Take a look at the Kruiskade
Discover all the shops on the Kruiskade!

Karel Doormanstraat Rotterdam

Parallel to the Lijnbaan is the Karel Doormanstraat. This shopping street is known for its wide sidewalk and the many nice shops and restaurants. This makes the Karel Doormanstraat a wonderful place to shop. You can come to COS for sober, minimalistic clothing of high quality. And if you are a design lover, you will certainly make the most of the Iittala Outlet.

Karel Doornmanstraat
Here you will find the Karel Doormanstraat!

Which shopping area in Rotterdam is your favourite shopping destination?

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