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Sil Lamens
Written by Sil Lamens
July 15, 2022

Rotterdam is important to the film industry as the home city of the International Film Festival. But is there anything left of that Rotterdam film madness after the IFFR?

The answer is a resounding yes! There are great movie events this summer. And to make it even better: they are outside! Enjoy enchanting films in the magical breeze of a balmy summer evening at these three outdoor cinemas in Rotterdam.


Do you like fun, fresh air and the very best mainstream and art house films? Then Pleinbioscoop is there to meet your needs. On the Wilhelminapier you'll find a huge moviescreen where you can enjoy this summer together with hundreds of others. Everyone is silent for an hour and a half for the most exciting or funniest movie!

This year Pleinbioscoop is once again collaborating with Rotterdam's LantarenVenster. LantarenVenster stands for films with a somewhat higher cultural value. The films that you see at Pleinbioscoop are therefore usually not the films that you see in a mainstream cinema!

Not a fan of art movies? Don't worry, because Pleinbioscoop also shows plenty of classics and new films from major producers. Between 10 and 28 August, you can sit down on a garden chair with your best friend or your coziest family member for a wonderful evening. And there is also something to eat and drink!

Pleinbioscoop Rotterdam Jan Groen
Pleinbioscoop on the Wilhelminapier.

Roffa Mon Amour

Roffa Mon Amour is one of the most magical film festivals in the city. Join them on any of the days from August 17 to 28 (or all) for challenging films from new and well-known filmmakers.

Roffa Mon Amour finds a perfect location every year. This year the annual film festival is in the sculpture garden of the brand new art institution Brutus on the Keilewerf. In this beautiful location you can enjoy the best films from all over the world among the most bizarre works of art.

The films start at 9.30 P.M., when the sun slowly disappears behind the horizon. Grab one of the available headphones and enjoy a movie in a magical atmosphere. You can enjoy a drink in the sculpture garden before and after the movie!

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Buitenbios 2022 takes place as usual in Galerie de Jaloezie (Gallery of the Jealousy) at the Keilecafé. Every Wednesday evening in July and August you can enjoy "an enviable audiovisual experience" on a large screen under the starry sky of Rotterdam.

Galerie de Jaloezie is a place where audiovisual art is central. Since 2019, special installations have been available for anyone who wants to enrich their brain with something new. At the Jaloezie, they would like to distance themselves from the established categories that dominate the film world. Take, for example, genres such as documentary, fiction, short film, and feature film. It is precisely in the frictions between these categories that the most interesting projects lie!

So drop by the Keilewerf for an audiovisual experience that you will experience in few other places!

Is an open air cinema something for you?

Sil Lamens
Written by Sil Lamens
July 15, 2022