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Sil Lamens
Written by Sil Lamens

Are you looking for a place to hand in your clothes in Rotterdam Centre? Maybe because of an overflowing wardrobe, a mountain of clothes that no longer fit you or those shoes that you never wear. A recognizable thing for many, but giving up can sometimes be difficult.

Throwing it away is not the best option. Why not give your clothes a second life? By donating your clothes, you might make someone else very happy with it! To help you on your way, we share the shops in Rotterdam Centre where you can hand in your old clothes.

ReShare Store

Throwing clothes away is not necessary. Why not make someone else happy with your items? At ReShare, the 2nd hand and vintage clothing store of the Leger des Heils (the Dutch Salvation Army), you cause a win-win-win situation when handing in clothing!

The first win is for yourself. Finally you have been able to make some space in your closet. The second is for the person who decides to buy your item for next to nothing. The third is for the Salvation Army and the thousands of people they help every day. With the money that your garment has collected, the Salvation Army can continue to help people in need.

When donating your clothes, make sure to check out the store for yourself. It is very neat and stylishly decorated, with some great items. You will be perfectly helped by the helpful and friendly staff on the Korte Hoogstraat.

Reshare voorkant
Reshare kledingrek

Byewaste popup

Previously, Byewaste was already active in the adjacent town of Capelle a/d IJssel, but now the platform is finally coming to Rotterdam Centre! To warm up the people of Rotterdam a bit, the Byewaste pop-up location will open in the Koopgoot from 23 to 27 November.

You can hand in your old stuff at the pop-up location. Not only clothes, by the way, but also electronics, toys, books and more. Byewaste works together with various recycling and second-hand shops. For example, your books may end up at the book counter and old toys at thrift store Het Goed.

If you hand in your stuff at the pop-up store, you have a chance to win a free cup of coffee, discount vouchers and a pair of WEAR sneakers! So be sure to drop by, drop off your stuff and win.

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The Swap Shop

Yet another way to get rid of your clothes: trade them! At the Swap Shop you hand in your clothes (maximum 5 items at a time), and you'll get swaps in return. The more beautiful the item and the better the quality, the more swaps you get.

Each swap gives a 1 euro discount on the total price. Per item you get a maximum discount of 50 percent on your purchase with your swaps. With this you can buy new clothes at the Swap Shop with your traded-in clothing.

The Swap Shop will soon have a new location, in Rotterdam Centre! We will soon be able to swap and buy clothes on the Korte Hoogstraat. In the meantime, you can visit the location in Rotterdam Noord. If you don't find the time to go there, you should definitely check out the online collection.

So, in Rotterdam Centre there is really no reason to throw away your clothes! You make other people and yourself happy and you ensure that the mountain of waste does not get any bigger.

Sil Lamens
Written by Sil Lamens