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Surfing at RiF010 in Rotterdam

Ri F010 AI Beachhouse min
Mathilde Simon profiel Rotterdam Centrum
Written by Mathilde Simon
February 3, 2024

In the spring of 2024 the time has come: RiF010 will open in Rotterdam! The first city in the world where you can surf in the heart of the city.

Surfing, SUPing or canoeing in the canal: it will soon be possible in Rotterdam. Curious about what awaits you? Read all about the RiF010 experience here.

Water sports at RiF010

For people who like to catch a wave: from the spring of 2024 you can go wave surfing, body boarding, rafting and surf kayaking at RiF010; all on the perfect waves. Prefer something quieter? Then rent a canoe or sub. It is even possible to take diving lessons, thanks to the crystal clear water that is purified in the RiF010 basin.

Catching waves

The great thing about the RiF010 basin is that the waves can be controlled. That is something different than surfing in the sea. Different types of waves are generated, so that everyone feels comfortable catching some.

The wave breaks on 2 reefs and every 7 seconds they generate a new wave. This means that approximately 330 waves roll through the canal per hour! In terms of heights, you should think of 0.5 meters for beginners, up to 1.5 meters for advanced users.

Ri F010 Droog min
They are currently working hard on the new RiF010


After surfing you naturally want to enjoy it while enjoying a drink and a snack. A wooden beach house is therefore being built in the canal, containing a reception, surf shop and a surf bar. Take a seat on the covered terrace and enjoy people surfing (and falling) in the water!

Sustainable and social

A lot of thought has gone into the large wave installation that is coming to our city. For example, both the golf installation and the beach house run on sustainably generated electricity, and energy savings have always been taken into account in the design. For example, the water in the surf pool is filtered with micro sieves, which use much less energy than traditional sand filters. You will also find no disposable items in the surf bar/restaurant and the shop sells sustainably produced surfboards.

The RiF010 Foundation aims to introduce all Rotterdam schoolchildren to wave surfing and other water sports through a gym class or sports day. With every wave you surf and every cup of coffee you drink you help make that possible! In this way, RiF010 becomes a place that brings people of all ages together and motivates them to enjoy sports.

Official opening of RiF010 in July

A project like this takes some time. The team started the preparatory work at the end of 2022, and in 2023 the surf pool started to take shape. But what is planned for 2024?

The beach house at the Vlasmarkt will be ready in June 2024. On the top floor you will find the entrance and a surf shop. The changing room with hot showers will be located in the basement. The surf bar/restaurant with covered terrace will be located on the middle floor, at the same level as the water. The surf pool will be ready in June. Surfers who have purchased SurfCredits will be given priority to book the first surfing sessions during the initial phase.

Do you also want to try out the waves as soon as possible? There are still a few SurfCredits available on their website.

An International surfing competition is planned for July 6 to celebrate the official opening of RiF010. You will then get the chance to see the best surfers in the Netherlands and pros from abroad in action up close!

Ri F010 AI Beachhouse min
Read more about RiF010 on the official website!
Mathilde Simon profiel Rotterdam Centrum
Written by Mathilde Simon
February 3, 2024