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Sil Lamens
Written by Sil Lamens
December 6, 2022

Rotterdam is increasingly known worldwide as the home of a great deal of masterfully good street art. Something you don't want to miss during your winter visit to the city.

We have selected a number of great places for you that are within walking distance of each other. Keep your eyes peeled though; Rotterdam is full of surprises. You may just spot new street art!

Gigantic Winne on the Kruiskade

We start the walk at Central Station, after which we walk straight ahead with the station behind us.

The first gigantic work of art that stands out is that of rapper Winne, just before the West-Kruiskade. At first glance, this artwork by Judith de Leeuw does not seem to be a mural but a photo, as it is so beautifully done. The artwork is a tribute to Winne, a Rotterdam rapper who is known as one of the pioneers of Dutch hip-hop.

Take a good look around, because there is much more street art to admire here. For example right above restaurant Ayla. It is not surprising that so much street art can be found on the Kruiskade. in 2017, the West-Kruiskade was named the Rotterdam Street Art Museum.

Beautiful lights in the Koopgoot

From the Kruiskade we walk to the Koopgoot. The world-famous shopping street is also beautifully illuminated this winter. It may not necessarily be labeled as street art, but with the gigantic luminous arches, Christmas trees and a mega gift, you will be amazed here. We think it's a must if you're in the centre!

Are you walking in the late afternoon or evening? Then we would also recommend to take a look at the square at the top of the Koopgoot. Here, beautiful lights are projected on the floor, which creates a special spectacle!

And while you're here, do some fun Christmas shopping for this year at the KKEC, the Bijenkorf or WEAR. Fancy a break from walking? Then we advise you to score a tasty snack in the centre!

Prachtige kerstverlichting koopgoot Rotterdam Centrum Jan Kok
Kerstcadeaus koopgoot versiering Rotterdam Centrum Jan Kok

Witte de Withstraat

The Witte de Withstraat in Rotterdam Centre, next to the West-Kruiskade, really is the holy grail of street art. In addition, this street is also the place with some nice cafes; perfect for warming up with a delicious drink!

In the street itself, but especially in the side streets, you will find hidden street art gems. We share some of those great works below.

Make it Happen (2017), Daan Botlek - Schiedamse Vest

This piece of art, made by Daan Botlek, is perhaps the most instagram worthy of the entire list of street art in and around the Witte de Withstraat. It is a crazy interactive work of art. Become part of the mural by standing on the steps. Very funny and worth a photo!

Love Spreads (2009), Ramon Martins - Kromme Elleboog

On a corner of the Witte de Withstraat, on the Kromme Elleboog, you will find the work Love Spreads by Ramon Martins. This meter-high mural is pretty impressive, but not everyone knows it, not even all Rotterdammers.

Love Birds (2016), Tymon de Laat & Robert Rost - Boomgaard Straat

Love Birds is a special one. Of course it is a beautiful work of art, but what makes it extra special is the story behind it. Tymon de Laat asked his girlfriend Sam to marry him with this mural. In the work, a magpie has a ring with a diamond in its beak and on top it says in red letters 'Sam will you marry me?'. And nice to know: she said yes!

Iris van den Broek love birds
Love Birds (2016)
Love Spreads Ramon Martins Witte de Withkwartier Rotterdam
Love Spreads (2009)


Street art at Baan

The boys of Lastplak, in collaboration with KBTR, June, 6of7 and Edo Rath, have provided Rotterdam with their colourful talent before. And now the gray walls on the Baan also feature a fine piece of street art. On this mural you can see the skyline of Rotterdam, with the Euromast, Cube Houses and the Erasmus Bridge.

Het laatste onderzoek

This work of art cannot be captured in one glance. The entire building is equipped with art thanks to Bier & Brood. Walk around the building and be amazed. If you look closely, you can see, for example, half humans and half robots!

Het Monster van Rotterdam

Don't be alarmed, but a giant pink octopus is depicted on one of the boats on the Maas. The street art artist duo Dopie and Vinz are behind this 'monster', which they painted in 2015. The idea, however, comes from the owner of the boat. As a diver, the input for an octopus is not surprising, of course.

The octopus is best spotted from the quay at the Maritime Museum. A special form of 'street' art!

Bier en Brood door Weekends in Rotterdam
Het laatste onderzoek

Don't forget your gloves and beanie during this winter walk! And be sure to share some fun snaps on Instagram with the hashtag #RotterdamCentrum.

Sil Lamens
Written by Sil Lamens
December 6, 2022