With powdered sugar

Delicious oliebollen in Rotterdam

Van Eijks oliebollen stadhoudersplein Rotterdam
Lisanne van Beurden profiel Rotterdam Centrum
Written by Lisanne van Beurden
December 7, 2022

Before you know it, it will be Christmas and New Years Eve. And that of course means: feast on delicious oliebollen (deep fried doughnut balls)! In Rotterdam Centre and beyond, you have enough oliebollen stalls to score these delicious winter snacks with powdered sugar.

Of course you can score many more snacks at the stalls below. Think of sweets such as cherry dumplings, apple dumplings and more kinds of pastries.

Oliebollenkraam Schouwburgplein

Most Rotterdammers are familiar with the oliebollen stall at Schouwburgplein. It always looks very cosy, partly thanks to the beautiful chandeliers and all the beautiful mood lighting.

Due to its central location, the stall is ideal to visit during a day of gift shopping in Rotterdam Centre. Do you eat the oliebol right away or do you take it home to enjoy?

Owner Mariska's stall is open seven days a week, so go go go!

Oliebollenkraam Goudseplein

For a lot of delicacies and the famous oliebollen, you have come to the right place at Oliebollenkraam Goudseplein. This stall is in a convenient location, right next to the Albert Heijn. So you can take a few of the deep fried delicacies with you right after grocery shopping!

Nice to know: the oliebollen stall has been here for almost 30 years. In the past, the great-grandparents of the current owners stood for years on the Noordplein with their oliebollen stall. A real family business!

Oliebollenkraam Goudseplein Rotterdam
Almost 30 years on the Goudseplein!
Al 30 jaar oliebollen kraam

De Hollandse Gebakkraam Centraal Station Rotterdam

Have you arrived via Central Station? Then you must have been drooling in front of the Hollandse Gebakkraam. There is no denying that the oliebollen are delicious here. Their oliebollen were named the best oliebollen in Rotterdam in 2020 by Oliebollentest!

Van Eijk's Oliebollen

And last but not least, the oliebollen of Van Eijk's Oliebollen. This stall is located at the Stadhoudersplein in Blijdorp, but is well worth a ride out of the centre. For the second time in a row, the pastry stall of Johnny and Katja van Eijk has received the gold award from the Nederlandse Bakkerij Centrum.

The oliebollen are freshly baked at Van Eijk every day and are never sold a day later, not even on New Year's Eve. The oliebollen are 100% vegan and halal, no alcohol is used in the batter.

Lisanne van Beurden profiel Rotterdam Centrum
Written by Lisanne van Beurden
December 7, 2022