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Celebrate the Weekend of Romantic Music in Het Park

Weekend van de romantische muziek 2022 ROBVANDAMFOTO NL 6775
Weekend van de romantische muziek 2022 ROBVANDAMFOTO NL 0292
Weekend van de romantische muziek 2022 ROBVANDAMFOTO NL 6794

On Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 August 2023 we can again enjoy the 'Weekend of Romantic Music'. With a beautiful location in Het Park near the Euromast, you can listen to the most enchanting classical music.

On the 'Day of Romantic Music' (Dag van de Romantische Muziek) you can traditionally enjoy it completely free of charge. Would you like to know more about this beautiful event? Then read on quickly.

Different stages

With no fewer than seven stages, you can enjoy a varied range of traditional classical solo performances from top musicians to ensembles in all sorts of compositions. You can also take trips to different music streams with 'her en der theater'. In short, a relaxing day where you decide for yourself which music you listen to.

The Weekend of Romantic Music opens on Saturday evening with the magical Moonlight concert where the best musicians come to show their musical skills from the main stage. Nice to know: loyal visitors to the two-day music festival often pull out their most beautiful romantic outfit - including a hat - which gives the weekend an extra fairytale appearance.

Weekend van de romantische muziek 2022 ROBVANDAMFOTO NL 0292
Weekends van de romantische muziek 2022 ROBVANDAMFOTO NL 0377

Day of the Romantic Music

The Day of Romantic Music will take place on Sunday 20 August, which is completely free. From solo performances to ensembles, such as the Dianto Reed Quintet full of Spanish temperament, and from French chansons by the Solune ensemble to Moluccan 'lagu-lagu' (traditional folk songs) by singer Jessica Manuputty.

The little ones can enjoy a lullaby concert in which harpist Petra Rosa and soprano Bibi van den Dijck take the audience on a musical journey along the most beautiful famous classical melodies. Fancy something cheerful? Then visit 'De Koffiecantata' by Bakkie Bach; a mini opera bursting with humor performed by four top musicians.

They also thought of good food. There is a Food Area with various food trucks. This year you will also find a French market, with beautiful fresh products. You can have a drink at the bar, which has a fountain on the roof!

Weekend van de romantische muziek 2022 ROBVANDAMFOTO NL 6794
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The Moonlight Concert

On Saturday evening, August 19, the supporting act, also known as the Moonlight Concert, will start. This year it will be filled in by the New Rotterdam Jazz Orchestra, which is celebrating their 20th anniversary! The 'birthday party' is extra enhanced by the addition of soloists from the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, including Hadewijch Hofland (violin) and Peter Nuyten (bassoon).

The main programme is not too shabby this year either. The line-up includes: top pianist Caspar Vos, who has won several (inter)national prizes, saxophonist Kika Sprangers, harpist Remy van Kesteren and the colourful trumpeter Eric Vloeimans with his Hub van Laar trumpet. On a vocal level, opera singers Michael Wilmering (baritone) and Jeannette van Schaik (soprano) will show what they have to offer. House ensemble Club Classique, conducted by violinist Myrthe Helder and cellist Leonard Besseling, accompanies all artists where necessary and double bassist and TV personality Dominic Seldis will talk to each other in a humorous way during the evening.

Weekend of the Romantic Music
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