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A round of Blaak

Markthal met markt en groenstrook Rotterdam
Mathilde Simon profiel Rotterdam Centrum
Written by Mathilde Simon
September 8, 2021

At Blaak you can tick all kinds of nice places off your list in one fell swoop. Architectural gems and lovely restaurants are up for grabs and it's the ideal base from which to explore the rest of the city.

For example, walk from Blaak to the MaHo Kwartier, the Hoogkwartier or the Oude Haven. Each and every one of them are fun and unique parts of Rotterdam.

Loop bijvoorbeeld vanaf Blaak door naar het MaHo Kwartier, het Hoogkwartier of de Oude Haven. Stuk voor stuk leuke en unieke delen van Rotterdam.


You cannot visit Blaak without taking a look at the Markthal. This unique building is the first thing you see when you walk under the cube houses, or leave the metro or train station.

The outside is already worth it, but we definitely recommend walking inside. This covered market has dozens of fun (and tasty) stalls with different street food. In addition, you will be amazed by the richly decorated ceiling, which is also called the Sistine Chapel of Rotterdam.

Markthal 1584 Rotterdam Partners Editorial

The Binnenrotte Market

Located directly in front of the Markthal, you will find the market here every Tuesday and Saturday. Lots of rows filled with 250 stalls. Did you know that this is the largest market in the Netherlands?!

On the Binnenrotte market you will find basically everything you can expect from a market: fresh fruit, vegetables, fish, cheese, flowers, nuts, clothing and all your other daily necessities.

Markt Rotterdam Markthal

Cube houses

Another eyecatcher is of course the cube houses. Cubes in an unusual setting, in which it seems almost impossible to live. However, nothing could be further from the truth. The cubes consist of 38 residences and 13 business cubes, where you can have a lot of fun with a little creativity and adaptability.

Are you curious what that looks like on the inside? You can visit the 'Kijk-Kubus'. But it is also nice to spend the night in a Stayokay hostel.

Kubuswoningen onderaanzicht 2 2017 ️ Iris van den Broek

The library & Bistrobar

The library of Rotterdam is also located on the Binnenrotte. The place where you can read, learn, work or attend fun activities. Interesting courses and workshops are given here, but it is also a place where you can follow great lectures or watch films.

On the roof terrace of the library you will find the Bistrobar. Highly recommended for lunch, drinks or dinner. Come and enjoy the food and the fantastic view over the Binnenrotte, the Markthal and the Laurenskerk.

Markt en bibliotheek Rotterdam
Bibliotheek Bistrobar Rotterdam

Madam Chen

Madam Chen is located between the cube houses and the library. A place for cocktails and Asian street bites. Not only do they serve just about every cocktail you can think as well as all the sushi you may like, you can also rent a karaoke room here! An evening of eating, drinking and singing with your friends!


For a casual living room atmosphere and what is said to be the tastiest burger in Rotterdam, go to Baek. This eatery on the Blaak is a cozy place for lunch, drinks or dinner.

In addition to the Best Burger of Rotterdam 2018, the menu includes tasty toasted sandwiches, fried sea bass, steak and more. Also nice: every Wednesday they organize a pub quiz!

Baek interieur Rotterdam
Baek hamburger Rotterdam

Asian supermarket

For anyone who loves Asian cuisine, the Asian supermarket is a real outing.

In the middle of the Markthal you will find Wah Nam Hong, an Asian supermarket where they have everything you can imagine. Think tofu, chopsticks, Asian sweets, noodles, mochi, fresh tea and much more!

A must see when you love food, whether you are looking for something specific or not!

‘For anyone who loves Asian cuisine, the Asian supermarket is a real outing.’

The green belt

Next to the Markthal is a large green strip, where people can relax on the grass when the weather is sunny. For example, get a fresh smoothie or, even better, fries from the Bram Ladage and enjoy it while the shoppers pass by. A piece of greenery in the middle of the city to relax for a while!

However, this green belt won't be there forever. Did you know that they will be building the Rotta Nova building here in the coming years?

Markthal met markt en groenstrook Rotterdam

The Fish Market

On the Binnenrotte there are a lot of restaurants with all kinds of different cuisines. One of these is The Fish Market, a seafood bar with tasty seafood dishes such as fresh lobsters, oysters, fish & chips, fruits de mer and more. The fish is sustainably caught, the atmosphere is casual and the wine list is extensive. Definitely worth a visit!

The Fish Market Rotterdam


If you follow the road from Blaak station, you will arrive at Westblaak. The place that connects the Witte de With and the Beurs area.

A nice place to explore, because here you have a skating rink in the middle that is often used by skaters, there are nice restaurants and lunch spots such as the Kite and Baker & Moore, the Cinerama cinema, the famous tattoo & piercing shop Queen of Rings and much more.

Mathilde Simon profiel Rotterdam Centrum
Written by Mathilde Simon
September 8, 2021