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When you had a lovely day in the centre of our city, you also want to wrap it up in a great way. We, Anne-Lot, Esmay, Michelle and Tess from the instagram account De Maas Meisjes know where to go. You are guaranteed to have an amazing evening at these Rotterdam hotspots and go home with a full belly.


Let me start with the amazing interior of this restaurant. When it comes to the interior design, DoDo makes you feel like you're in a quirky world. Different elements, cultures and tastes come together here.

At DoDo you don't come for the standard burger or pasta. Here you sit down at the table for a shared dining concept. Here you can taste the flavours from the Mediterranean coast to Asia. What I can definitely recommend are the 'boneless DoDo' (ribs) and the 'baking Dory' (dorado). Also not unimportant: DoDo loves the greens. Vegetarians also have plenty of options here.

Trattoria A Proposito

The Italian restaurants are of course indispensable in the Rotterdam street scene. Yet Trattoria A Proposito is not your standard Italian. You will not find pizza here, but only real authentic Italian dishes.

The restaurant is run by brother and sister. Father and mother work in the kitchen. At A Proposito, choosing a favourite dish is impossible, because mother Giovanna Vona puts her passion and love into every meal. I often go here for the surf and turf. Prawns, tender tenderloin and a delicious spicy sauce that they don't want to reveal the recipe for: recommended!

‘At A Proposito, choosing a favourite dish is impossible, because mother Giovanna Vona puts her passion and love into every meal.’
Esmay from De Maas Meisjes

Ter Marsch & Co.

When I feel like getting a tasty burger, Ter Marsch & Co. is always the first place that pops into my mind. Nowadays you can find it in several cities, but the adventure of this restaurant started in 2014 in our beautiful city.

It is clear that I am not the only one who goes here for a delicious burger. They have already won several prizes for the tastiest burger, with the most recent prize in 2020 for the burger 'the Gojira'. In Rotterdam you will find Ter Marsch & Co on the Witte de Withstraat.

This is a very pleasant street with all kinds of amazing bars and restaurants, but I'll be happy to tell you more about this later! Oh yeah, my favourite burger? The TER MARSCH GRANDE. I won't tell you too much about it, just try it for yourself!

The Gojira at Ter Marsch & Co.
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