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Sil Lamens
Written by Sil Lamens
December 30, 2022

It seems to be slowly dying out, the real authentic specialty shops in Rotterdam Centre. A good confectioner, a cheese farmer or an honest butcher.

Yet there are still a few real specialty shops in Rotterdam Centre that do not succumb to the rise of large supermarket chains. Where do you find them? In the article below 5x delicious specialty shops.

De Kaashoeve

There is a cow on the corner of the Oude Binnenweg. It stares towards the Nieuwe Binnenweg. It's not a real cow, you may have noticed it, it is the cow at the door of cheese specialty shop De Kaashoeve.

As fake as the cow in front of Kaashoeve is, the cheese is that tasty. At the real Rotterdam cheese farmer you can buy delicious cheese specialties from home and abroad that have been selected for taste, quality and originality.

De Kaashoeve is also the right place for tasty wines, nuts and other snacks and delicacies! You can taste everything before you take it home. So visit the Oude Binnenweg. You can't miss it, there is a gigantic cow in the middle of the street.

Kaashoeve koe
Kaashoeve Kaas

Van Beek en Specker

Banquet specialty store Van Beek en Specker does not have a large cow in front of the door, but it does have very delicious delicacies. Van Beek en Specker is a family business that has been known for years for their gigantic assortment.

Because of this large assortment there is something for everyone and for every occasion. A birthday or another celebration? A cake from van Beek and Specker is a must! Van Beek en Specker also arranges delicious pastries for companies.

Everything is homemade at the confectioner's, including the chocolate. For example, the bonbons are completely homemade in the chocolaterie. The chocolate is made with 100% fair cocoa, which means that cocoa farmers received a fair price for it.

A real specialty store for every party or of course for a delicious cake with your cup of coffee. It can be found the Karel Doormanstraat or at the Meent.

Banketbakkerij van Beek Specker cadeau
Banketbakkerij van Beek Specker opening

Verdin's Bierwinkel

At Verdins Bierwinkel you get the most delicious beers to match your cheese platter. With a huge variety of blond, white, brown, winter, autumn, summer, spring, fruit, candy, buck, double and triple beers, there is always something new that you just have to try.

You can also come by for a beer tasting! Always fun. Really tho, just tasting! You will find Verdins Bierwinkel on the Mauritsweg.

Family Nuts

Family Nuts, a name like that already says a lot. The nut farmer has been around for 40 years and has been a family business for the same amount of years. Their store has now found its home in the Markthal.

You can buy delicious walnuts, pecans, cashews.. basically all nuts. You will also find superfoods such as quinoa and chia seeds, as well as delicious chocolate and treats. And yes, where the Kaashoeve also sells nuts, Family Nuts must of course also sell cheese. Everything is in balance again.

Family Nuts 2
Family Nuts 1

Butcher shop 'de Groene Weg'

Everything at De Groene Weg butcher shop is 100% organic, from soil to the animals food. Animals are given the space to show their own behavior and can go outside whenever they want. In addition, the manure of the animals is reused to support the biological cycle.

At the Groene Weg they also deliver real traditional work. A real butcher as it should be. De Groene Weg butcher shop is a chain, and each butcher has its own specialties. Those of the Groene Weg on the Mariniersweg in Rotterdam Centre are of course the best, in our humble opinion.

Sil Lamens
Written by Sil Lamens
December 30, 2022