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Renewed Euroscoop in the Euromast

Euroscoop Euromast zalmhaven erasmusbrug
Sil Lamens
Written by Sil Lamens
July 14, 2022

For months no one could get in, but the wait is over. The Euroscoop (the rotating glass elevator on the Euromast) is back after renovation.

The special Rotterdam icon is a popular (tourist) attraction that attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. With a height of 185 meters you will experience a spectacular view over the city, of which the renewed Euroscoop is the absolute top. You can read all about the renewed Euroscoop in the artikel below!

Renewed experience

The experience already starts at the boarding platform. This is where the 'Colourful Rotterdam' experience begins, where the colours of the European flag by Rem Koolhaas were taken as inspiration and incorporated into lamellas with quotes in more than forty languages.

As soon as you enter the Euroscoop you will be hyped up for the ride to the top with a cool light show and music by the world famous Rotterdam DJ Oliver Heldens. During a seven-minute ride you will travel to the highest point of the Euromast and the entire city can be seen in a 360 degree perspective from a unique point!

Meanwhile, a voice-over tells about the city and its inhabitants, the colourfulness, diversity and the special position of Rotterdam as a world port in the heart of Europe in a poetic way. With the theme 'Colourful Rotterdam', visitors are taken into the story of the city in which its diverse and colourful character is emphasized.

Euroscoop Euromast zalmhaven erasmusbrug
Euroscoop bankje

Magnifying glass on the colourful city

With the new experience, the Euromast puts a magnifying glass on Rotterdam and all its nationalities. Rotterdam is a city where people from all over Europe and the world live and work, 170 nationalities in such a small part of the Netherlands!

The Euromast is an undisputed icon of Rotterdam and honours the diversity of the city. In addition to the diversity of the inhabitants of Rotterdam and the diversity of visitors, the Euromast also focuses on the diversity of the city itself with this colourful concept!

The tower puts a magnifying glass on the beautiful view and tells with pride about Rotterdam's identity, the many colourful buildings and everything the city has to offer. Visitors to the renewed Euroscoop now experience a 'journey from me to we'. The Euromast thus emphasizes the power of connecting and coming together.

Euroscoop Euromast verrekijker

Magnicity App

In addition to the Euroscoop experience, you can now also use the Magnicity app in the Euromast. Through the app you get to know the city of Rotterdam and you get information about more than fifty special buildings, some of which can even be admired in 3D.
The view from the Euromast is breathtaking, but what do you actually see there?

In addition to the architecture, the app also allows you to learn more about the hard history of Rotterdam. Using VR technology, you can see what the city looked like after the bombing in 1940 and how the fire boundary runs through Rotterdam. This special app and the new Euroscoop experience make a visit to the iconic Euromast a complete experience!

About the Euromast

The Euromast has been overlooking the city since 1960. Here you can enjoy the view, be culinary surprised in the Brasserie or wake up at 185 meters in one of the suites.

With a recently opened coffee bar and concept store and the renewed Euroscoop you can go to the Euromast for a complete day out.

Are you a real daredevil? then you can abseil 100 meters down from the balustrade on the viewing platform between May and September.

Euromast omhoog kijken
Euromast afstand straat ️ Iris van den Broek

Aren't you afraid of heights? Come and experience our city from an awesome perspective with the new Euroscoop experience 'Colourful Rotterdam'!

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Sil Lamens
Written by Sil Lamens
July 14, 2022