Soup and conversations

Celebrate freedom with the Rotterdam Freedom Meals

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Mathilde Simon profiel Rotterdam Centrum
Written by Mathilde Simon

This year there will be plenty of food and good conversations during the Rotterdam Freedom Meals on 5 May. The day when we reflect on freedom and what it means to us.

Thinking about our freedom

"A Freedom Meal is actually a meal where you come together and eat, where you meet and talk about freedom. On the day of May 5, Liberation Day, we celebrate our freedom and during the meals on that day, we encourage people to to start the conversation. It does not necessarily have to be about Liberation Day; you can also approach freedom as a broader concept. There are more topics around freedom and what it means for people. That way we understand each other a little better. That is the goal." Shares Geert van Emden, part of the Rotterdam Freedom Meals team.

Dining together

This year there are no fewer than 100+ Freedom Meals in Rotterdam that you can join. With the traditional Freedom Soup in front of you, strangers turn into acquaintances. You can sit down at the table at places such as the Kunsthal, BRUTUS, the Huidenclub, POING as well as the Zonnebloem and the Library of Rotterdam. Wherever you like to go, there is a chair waiting for you.

Delicious Freedom Soup

Every year it is up to a different chef to make the Freedom Soup a wonderful experience again. This year it's chef London Loy's turn, who has - thanks to his Surinamese roots - gone for a corn soup. This means a sweet, creamy and spicy dish that makes you lick your fingers (or soup bowl). Would you rather eat a Freedom Soup at home? The soups are also for sale in cans!

Wondering where you can join this year for a good conversation and a nice bowl of soup? Check it out at the link below!

Rotterdam Freedom Meal
Join a Freedom Meal and enjoy the soup and the connection.
Mathilde Simon profiel Rotterdam Centrum
Written by Mathilde Simon