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Fietsers Rotterdam
Mathilde Simon profiel Rotterdam Centrum
Written by Mathilde Simon
March 23, 2022

Het is weer tijd voor leuke voorjaarsactiviteiten in Rotterdam Centrum. Want ein-de-lijk is de lente hier! De vogeltjes fluiten, het zonnetje schijnt en de dagen worden langer. Dus zet je zonnebril op en laat je inspireren door deze leuke activiteiten in Rotterdam Centrum.

Sit down on a terrace

Of course, a drink on the terrace is part of a spring day. Enjoying the sun's rays until late at night, is there anything better?

Our tip? Sit on the terrace of Brasserie Jules. At this spot in the middle of the centre, in front of the WTC Rotterdam, the sun is out all day. So it doesn't matter which time you visit, you always have a place in the sun. And if it's not for the sun, do it for the refreshing drinks and delicious lunch dishes.

Brasserie Jules Rotterdam Gerrit Vermeulen

Kids Marina

Going out with the kids? Then go sailing at the fantastic water attraction of Kids Marina. With these children's boats, which you can drive yourself, your child is a captain for a while. In addition, they learn more about the port and vessels.

They can sail away themselves for fifteen minutes and moor the boat again. A maximum of four people can be on board. Are you also visiting the Maritime Museum? Then you get a 20% discount!

The Kids Marina will open again from Saturday 2 April.

Boottocht over de Maas

Prefer a boat trip for adults? Fortunately, Rotterdam is rich in water, so you don't have to go far for a bit of sailing. A fun and efficient way is the Watertaxi.

Not only does it travel super fast over the water, making it a fantastic experience, it also takes you from A to B. You can find the Watertaxi stands on the Watertaxi website. Oh and don't forget: the view over the city is phenomenal!

Watertaxi Erasmusbrug Rotterdam

Get ice cream at your favourite ice cream parlour

It is of course a no-brainer, because an ice cream is part of great weather. Now there are plenty of options in the city, but to stay nice and central we recommend Capri on the Karel Doormanstraat, Venezia on the Oude Binnenweg or the IJssalon on the Meent. Enjoy!

Check out the favourite ice cream parlours in Rotterdam Centre of De Maasmeisjes.

Shopping and enjoying the blossom

Shopping in Rotterdam Centre is always a party, but especially in the spring. Then you can enjoy the sun and the beautiful trees that are in bloom.

Take a walk on the van Oldenbarneveltstraat, for example, where you will find a bunch of flowering white ornamental cherries neatly arranged in a row. After this you walk around the corner to the Lijnbaan. There you will immediately become happier with the pink splendor of the many blossom trees.

Check out the photos below for a preview

Kersenbloesem Rotterdam Van Oldenbarneveltplaats
Op de van Oldenbarneveltstraat.
Lentekriebels Lijnbaan Rotterdam swarosvki
Op de Lijnbaan.

Rent a bicycle

Explore the centre by bicycle? Also a great idea! Rent an OV-fiets, for example, an easy way to move from A to B and enjoy the sun at the same time.

Renting an OV-fiets is very easy from various rental locations. One of these is the Central Station. With your OV card you can take a bike and hit the road. Read more useful information about renting an OV-fiets on the ns website.

Fietsers Rotterdam
Mathilde Simon profiel Rotterdam Centrum
Written by Mathilde Simon
March 23, 2022