Keep rolling Final weeks of the Wednesday Night Skate

Written by Mathilde Simon

A Rotterdam tradition, which has unfortunately disappeared for a while. Fortunately, Rollerdam's group sprang into action and breathed new life into Wednesday Night Skate. This made for a lot of fun on Wednesday evening!

When you see the images of the rolling Rotterdammers, your heart skips a beat. People of all age groups and backgrounds gather on Wednesday evenings to continue the tradition. Together they skate no less than 10 km through the city with a lot of fun and music.

A quick rise in popularity

The event started by a group of friends, but quickly grew into an official event. It was therefore clear that there was enthusiasm from the people of Rotterdam. Within a few weeks the group had grown to no less than 1000 people!

An event of that magnitude also means that the municipality has to watch and safety must be maintained. That is why they have set up a crowdfunding, in which you can lend them a hand to keep the evenings going (for free).

Join in

Summer is almost over, so our tip is to definitely join this fun Rotterdam event for the last few times! Come and roll through the city for an hour and a half on your rollerskates, inline skates or skateboard with fellow enthusiasts.

Participation is completely free and the gathering is at the Central Library, between 7:30 PM and 8 PM. The tour is about 10 kilometers and the route changes a bit from time to time.

Will you be there?

Written by Mathilde Simon
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