Iconic The Erasmus Bridge is 25 years young!

Written by Lisanne van Beurden

The Erasmus Bridge has been connecting South and North for 25 years, making Rotterdam one. Because today is the Erasmus Bridge's birthday, it's time to put her in the spotlight. Below you will find fun facts, photos and a beautiful video of historical moments on the Swan.

Het hart van Rotterdam

Door het bouwen van de brug heeft Rotterdam een nieuw hart gekregen. Nieuwbouw grijpt om zich heen met de Zwaan als centraal focuspunt.

Sinds de bouw van de Erasmusbrug is de vernieuwing van de stad niet meer te stoppen. Er worden steeds nieuwe iconen toegevoegd aan de wereldberoemde skyline. De woontorens op de Kop van Zuid, de Markthal, het Depot, de Zalmhaventoren en ons centraal station. Mensen komen uit alle hoeken van de wereld om deze echte Rotterdamse eyecatchers te bewonderen.

The heart of Rotterdam

By building the bridge, Rotterdam has acquired a new heart. New buildings are being constructed with the Swan as a central focal point.

Since the construction of the Erasmus Bridge, the renewal of the city has become unstoppable. New icons are constantly being added to the world-famous skyline. The residential towers on the Kop van Zuid, the Markthal, the Depot, the Zalmhaventoren and our central station. People come from all over the world to admire these real Rotterdam eyecatchers.

The construction of the Erasmus Bridge in 1995.

A Royal opening in 1996

The official opening of the Erasmus Bridge took place on September 4, 1996. The cable-stayed bridge, designed by architect Ben van Berkel, was soon known as 'De Zwaan'.

None other than Queen Beatrix travelled to Rotterdam to open the second bridge (the Willemsbrug was the first) over the Nieuwe Maas in Rotterdam. It was a festive day full of performances and activities. For example, five thousand Rotterdammers from North and South were served brunch from trams.

Tram conductor Kees van der Stel received the great honour from RET to drive the first real journey across the bridge, with Queen Beatrix on board.

Brunch on the bridge during the opening in 1996.

25 years anniversary of our Swan

Today, on September 4, 2021, our beautiful Swan is officially 25 years young. Especially for this special anniversary, a beautiful video has been made by Rotterdam Make It Happen.

Watch the video below about the story of the bridge. Because even though now we can't imagine Rotterdam without the Erasmus Bridge, she has not always been there.

Countless beautiful moments on the Erasmus Bridge

The Erasmus Bridge has been the setting for several historical moments. The World Cup Snowboards in 2005, the Red Bull Air Race World Championship in 2008, the Santa Run in 2009 and Rotterdam Pride in 2019.

View more photos of beautiful moments on the Erasmus Bridge below. Do you also have beautiful pictures of our Swan that you would like to share with us? Then use #RotterdamCentrum with these photos on Instagram.

Queen Beatrix during the opening of the Erasmus Bridge in 1996.
Car-free Saturday on the Erasmus Bridge in 1999.
Red Bull Air Race World Championship in 2008.
Rotterdam Pride in 2019.
Fighting for equality in 2020.
Fireworks during New Year's Eve in 2016.
Written by Lisanne van Beurden
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