For all ages Complete restyling ANWB shop

Written by Lisanne van Beurden

The ANWB shop has been renovated and has had a complete restyling. The new store matches with the modern ANWB: fresh, sustainable and with a more spacious layout.

Renovation of the ANWB shop

The ANWB store on Binnenwegplein in Rotterdam Centre has been renovated and has had a complete restyling. The new store is fresh, modern, with more durable shelves and a more spacious layout. This also makes the store feel a lot more peaceful and everything is easy to find.

In the middle of the store is an impressive tree, which matches the sustainable design of the store. The trunk is even from a real tree!

For all ages

The ANWB sometimes still has the image that it is only for "older people", but when you step into the renovated store in Rotterdam Centre you soon see that this is not the case. The products are of good quality and very functional, but they look nice and modern. Such as a trendy windproof winter coat!

The ANWB's range still contains useful road and cycling maps, but is now a lot fresher with, for example, nice travel books for a younger audience.

Getting ready for winter sports

In the ANWB shop you can find everything you need to go on an adventure. From sturdy hiking boots and fleece vests to cycling and hiking maps. In the store, the employees are also happy to help you with information and advice about insurance, visa applications and international driver's license.

Are you going on winter sports? Everything will arrive at the ANWB shop next month. Think of ski clothing, jackets, helmets and heated gloves. In fact, almost everything you need for winter sports!

Written by Lisanne van Beurden
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