Shopping green

Sustainable Designer clothing at Seclo

Seclo Lijnbaan Rotterdam min 1

The sustainable designer department store Seclo opened on September 14! De Lijnbaan has gained another hotspot with this unique pop-up store.

A green store

At Seclo everything revolves around sustainable shopping. Here you can shop upcycled fashion, vintage and new sustainable collections. They also value transparency and education about sustainable fashion. Seclo invites everyone to make greener choices!

Temporary shopping at the Lijnbaan

The Seclo start-up focuses on making sustainable designer clothing accessible. This includes brands such as Michael van de Meijde, Ceno, DFC Upcycling, Stephastique, S.A.MPLE, Swinda van Dijk, Nicole Plender and Katerina Demidenko.

Because Seclo is a pop-up, we can unfortunately only shop their designer range in the store for a limited time. The pop-up store will be open at Lijnbaan 117 until December.