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Mathilde Simon profiel Rotterdam Centrum
Written by Mathilde Simon
April 13, 2022

Op zaterdag 23 april vieren we in de Velvet Music Store de jaarlijks terugkerende feestdag, waarin platen en platenzaken worden gevierd. In 2007 in het leven geroepen om de onafhankelijke platenzaak is het zonnetje te zetten, en ondertussen uitgegroeid tot een internationale feestdag waar meer dan twee duizend muziekwinkels aan meedoen.

On Saturday 23 April we will celebrate the annual holiday in the Velvet Music Store, in which records and record stores are celebrated. Founded in 2007 to put the spotlight on the independent record store, it has since grown into an international holiday in which more than two thousand music stores participate.

2007 was not the best time for record stores, with the arrival of Spotify and the ability to download music. With the aim of throwing some extra light on the record stores, in 15 years it has grown into a worldwide day in many countries. And you can celebrate that, in Rotterdam!

Special records

Traditionally, the Record Store Day is celebrated with the release of a genre-transcending collection of music carriers. From LP and CD to cassette. But also 7 inch singles to complete box sets. The artists? They are as wide as you can imagine. From local gems to world-renowned artists; only this day these special records are for sale.


In addition to the unique records for sale on this day, Record Store Day is celebrated with fantastic performances. You can enjoy performances in the store for the first time this edition for free. And the Velvet Music Donner is the perfect location for this, as they have a stage with seats here so you can enjoy the show extra well.

And the musicians? This time we get to enjoy Remy van Kesteren, the classically trained harpist, and BRUUT!, a band that describes their style as super jazz.

Velvet Music Store

The Velvet Music Store is located in Boekhandel Donner on the second floor, in the old ABN-Amro office on Coolsingel. An impressive location with enough space to celebrate this beautiful holiday.


Boekhandel Donner,Coolsingel 129, 3012 AG Rotterdam

Opening hours

09:30 to 18:00


Remy van Kesteren 13:00

BRUUT! 14:30

It's gonna be a great one! Will we see you the 23rd at the Velvet Music Store?

Mathilde Simon profiel Rotterdam Centrum
Written by Mathilde Simon
April 13, 2022