Dâk erasmusburg middag
Sil Lamens
Written by Sil Lamens
June 5, 2023

Rotterdam has often proven itself as the perfect home for summer events. The same will be the case this summer, with plenty of fun things going on. From large and world famous events, to intimate live performances on a roof.

Summer will come this year without measures and with lots of sun! Everyone is looking forward to a summer full of activity and memories, so it is important that you know what's going on. We have therefore listed a number of sunny events for you.

Party with a view at DÂK

Fancy a summer party? That is possible at DÂK with an incredibly beautiful view of the skyline of Rotterdam. DÂK is a 'pop-up roof park' that has been opening its doors in the summer since 2014.

DÂK enjoys working with Rotterdam clubs. Roof-goers are thus provided with a very nice party, at the top of the West-Blaak parking garage. This summer, for example, there is collaboration with companies such as restaurant and club BIRD and Mooie Boules x Boogie Express. A vibe is guaranteed with live music from DJs and other musicians.

If you like a cosy festival atmosphere in a place that not everyone knows, DÂK is a must! DÂK opens its doors from July 15 to August 13. Be quick and buy your tickets.

Dâk erasmusburg middag

Dance at Blijdorp Festival

Another fun home game for the Rotterdam festival-goer, because this year too there will be a lot of dancing at the Blijdorp Festival in the Roel Langerak Park.

This festival features live performances by artists from a wide range of genres. For example, leading artists specializing in hip-hop to pop and EDM have all been invited this year. For example, listen to the well-known music of Goldband at the Live stage, or be surprised by the artists at the Paardenrave.

Dance until you can't anymore and enjoy delicious food and drinks in one of Rotterdam's most beautiful parks. Atmospheric stages and friendly people in sun-drenched Rotterdam on August 12!

Blijdorp Festival Back Stage
Blijdorp Festival nacht

Rotterdam Unlimited

We have arrived in the category of huge and certainly very fun events. Summer Carnival is right around the corner. South American cheerfulness and an atmosphere that you rarely experience from the 28th and 29th of July. Enjoy the colourful, cultural phenomenon that Rotterdam has as its proud home city.

Rotterdam Unlimited is for anyone who likes a nice piece of 'auditory violence' in the form of brass bands and sound systems. Discover the flavours of the South American cultures that Rotterdam is home to on the mercado, or watch the grand finale: the street parade. Thousands of dancers, musicians and floats pass through the city, where the party goes on until late at night.

2007 zomercarnaval parade ek Daarzijn
2010 zomercarnaval weena cd Claire Droppert

Swan Market

The Swan Market will return to Rotterdam this summer. Small, creative entrepreneurs provide a cosy atmosphere and a creative and always innovative offer. This time a new location, namely on the Binnenrotte!

Here you can once again find the coolest and most diverse products made by creative people. So if you are a creative shopper, or maybe you want to sell something yourself, come and 'swan' on June 25, July 30 and August 27.

World Port Days

During the World Port Days, the port of Rotterdam is put in the spotlight. Anyone can enjoy the marine life. Whether you like ships and ports or not, the shows during the World Port are impressive for everyone.

On September 1, 2 and 3, Rotterdam will be dominated by ships. In addition to boat parades, there are also fireworks shows and the Royal Navy shows what they have to offer. So expect spectacle in the form of ships, fireworks, paratroopers, helicopters and Rotterdam harbour music!

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Sil Lamens
Written by Sil Lamens
June 5, 2023