Sil Lamens
Written by Sil Lamens
June 17, 2022

De zomer is weer terug in volle glorie, de vogeltjes fluiten, de zon schijnt in een lichtblauwe hemel. Tijd om op zoek te gaan naar fijne picknickplekken in Rotterdam!

Summer is back in full glory, the birds are chirping, the sun is shining in a light blue sky. Time to look for nice picnic spots in Rotterdam!

In Rotterdam, despite the fact that our city is characterized by high buildings and wide roads, there's still plenty of nature to lay down your blanket, open a bottle and enjoy a delicious lunch. Here are five great picnic spots in the centre of Rotterdam!

The Park

The Park next to the Euromast, is one of Rotterdam's largest and oldest parks. The Park is located next to the Euromast, between the Nieuwe Maas, the Parkhaven, the Westzeedijk and the Scheepvaartkwartier.

It is wonderful to have a picnic in The Park at one of the lakes, under a tree or in the sun. There are many flower gardens that are well maintained and when the weather is nice, the park is full of pleasant people who come to enjoy the weather.

Has your cheese melted by the sun and your white wine warmed up? Fear not, you can go to Dudok in Het Park. Located in a national monument from 1750 with a beautiful castle garden, Dudok in Het Park has a wonderfully romantic atmosphere. Weather permitting, the brasserie is open from Tuesday to Sunday for a delicious breakfast, lunch, drinks or simply for coffee or tea with a famous Dudok apple pie.

Het Park winter
Dudok in het Park Rotterdam winter

The Hefpark Noordereiland

At the Hefpark Noordereiland you can enjoy a picnic in one of the most typical Rotterdam places in Rotterdam. Enjoy your sandwich and your juice while the breeze of the Nieuwe Maas blows through your hair. From here you have a view of the iconic Hef on one side and the gigantic red Willemsbrug on the other.

The Hefpark has officially been a park since 2010 and is therefore the first bit of real urban nature on the picturesque and now highly developed Noordereiland. Is your back starting to hurt from sitting in the grass? Then you can enjoy yourself by defying the ten meter high slide.

‘From here you have a view of the iconic Hef on one side and the gigantic red Willemsbrug on the other.’

Luchtpark Hofbogen

Luchtpark Hofbogen (Hofbogen Airpark) is located in the centre of the city, where the Hofplein railway station used to be. The Luchtpark can be reached in two ways, the first is via the entrance on Heer Bokelweg near the Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam, the other and most fun way is via the Luchtsingel: a four hundred meter long yellow bridge that connects Rotterdam Centre and Rotterdam North.

In the Luchtpark you will find vegetable gardens and fruit trees that local residents maintain voluntarily. There are picnic tables and benches throughout the park. Due to the height at which you are located, you can see Rotterdam North and Rotterdam Centre from a special perspective.

By constructing parks on roofs, we try to give nature a place again in the strongly built-up Rotterdam.

Dakpark Rotterdam

From one roof park to another: Dakpark Rotterdam (Rotterdam Roof Park). You could describe this rooftop park as the mother of all rooftop parks. Not only in Rotterdam or the Netherlands, but even in Europe, with its 1200 meters length and 85 meters width, it is the largest.

Vegetable gardens, fruit trees, beehives, sheep, fountains, you name it: everything can be found in this beautiful piece of nature in the middle of an incredibly urban area. Bring your picknick blanket and enjoy.

Dakpark Rotterdam Voorkant
Dakapark Rotterdam Bloemen

The Vroesenpark

In the Vroesenpark you will find an atmosphere like no other park. It is located in the pleasant Blijdorp district, it's about a fifteen minutes' walk from the city centre.

In the summer, this park is open 24/7 and is filled with people from morning to night who come to enjoy the nice weather. In the Vroesenpark it is also allowed to barbecue and it is equipped with public toilets.

The atmosphere on a good day can best be described as a kind of festival vibe, hundreds of people on a piece of grass are simply enjoying themselves. The Vroesenpark is a backyard for all residents of Blijdorp and even far beyond.


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Sil Lamens
Written by Sil Lamens
June 17, 2022