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Check out this hotspot in the Koopgoot: De Goot

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On Thursday, November 16, a new concept will open in the heart of the Koopgoot: De Goot. A place where Sam Cruden, Tailors & Wearers and Cheraine Baljé will make and sell fashion.

These are not ready-made garments, but handmade items that are made on the spot while you watch!

Changing interpretation in De Goot

With the arrival of De Goot, the Koopgoot will have a new hotspot. A hotspot that is constantly changing, because the space is given a new purpose every quarter. Kicking off with a series of makers who have made their mark in the fashion world.

This new concept from De Goot puts entrepreneurship center stage. Here entrepreneurs, artists, artists or crafts can experiment and show what they have to offer. It is a new introduction to the Koopgoot, so you always have a good reason to return!

Fixing jeans in the jeans bar by Sam Cruden

The first main ambassador of De Goot is the internationally celebrated denim designer Sam Cruden, with her own jeans bar. This will be a workshop including industrial sewing machines where enthusiasts can have their favorite jeans made artisanally or altered. There are also a number of unique pieces from Sam Cruden's collection for sale.

What repairs can you expect?

  • Crotch patch - A repair for the most common wear spot. The patch is applied to the inner leg of the jeans. The crotch-used-denim tape is made from selected denim waistbands and is reused to reinforce the crotch.
  • Denim insert - A repair for minor and major wear areas. Worn areas of the jeans are provided with colour-selected denim patches.
  • Indigo Kintsugi thread - A repair for minor and major wear areas. Worn areas of the jeans are provided with color-selected indigo threads.
  • Indigo woven Kintsugi piece - A repair for minor and moderate wear areas. Worn areas are sewn onto the jeans with loosely woven denim patches with indigo thread, the most labor-intensive repair.
  • Multilayered colour stitch - A repair for small and large areas of wear. Worn areas are provided with various coloured repair threads.
  • Replacements - A repair for major areas of wear. Worn areas are replaced with non-denim/jeans parts.

More about Sam Cruden

Sam Cruden is an inventor, denim specialist, dismantler, repairer, and above all, maker. She has a strong passion for denim which has led her to well-known brands such as Diesel. In 2009 she started her own label, C.CRUDEN, where she created genderless clothing using carefully selected Japanese denim. Sam extends the lifespan of her designs by repairing and adapting them, discovering that what is essential is already there. In the Goot, Sam Cruden returns indigo to worn jeans.

Afro-Surinamese clothing by Tailors & Wearers

In the months of November and December 2023 you will find Tailors and Wearers here, the platform for the preservation of Afro-Surnamese clothes and winner of the Dutch Design Award 2023 in the fashion category. In the Goot they share and present their inspiring knowledge of Afro-Surinamese clothes.

The Tailors & Wearers Foundation is an initiative of koto and angisa expert Jane Stjeward-Schubert, anthropologist Ella Broek and photographer Michelle Piergoelam. The purpose of the foundation is to collect knowledge and organize information about Afro-Surinamese costumes. By making this accessible to others, we want to contribute to preserving and enlivening Afro-Surinamese costume as a cultural design.

Art and vintage with Cheraine Baljé

Cheraine Baljé will also be there with her unique, tufted works of art. Cheraine, originally from Rotterdam, is a textile artist and has a deep-rooted passion for contemporary art and a deep appreciation for traditional techniques. Her contemporary artworks serve as a bridge between the past and the present. Through her creations she explores themes of identity, memory and cultural heritage, offering viewers a glimpse into the complexity of human experiences.

In addition, Nen Xavier - who you may also know from her fashion store on Pannekoekstraat - makes a careful selection of vintage designer fashion especially for this space.

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Visit De Goot in the famous Koopgoot in Rotterdam Centre

Come to De Goot for a unique programming of substantive talks, workshops, connecting and broadening network meetings, portfolio evenings and other events.