Brand new shops and restylings in Rotterdam Centre

Lijnbaan overkoepeling Iris van den Broek
Mathilde Simon profiel Rotterdam Centrum
Written by Mathilde Simon
August 28, 2023

Stay up to date of all new developments in Rotterdam Centre! In this article you can read about the latest Nike Store and which popular retail brand is undergoing a complete restyling.

Restyling Mango

The Mango as we know it on the Lijnbaan is getting a complete makeover! It promises to be a true transformation, making way for an inspiring shopping experience. Do you still want to shop at the Mango in the meantime? Then you can always go to the store in the Alexandrium or the one on Zuidplein.

Mango restyling buitenkant

Opening Nike Store

Rotterdam could of course not be left behind. After a long wait, the Nike Store is also coming to our centre! You may have already spotted the construction fences, because on the Lijnbaan, next to the John Reed, they are busy building. Where the Only used to be, the Nike Store will now be there to provide you with all your hoodies, sports leggings, sneakers and more.

This is where the new Nike Store will be!


The centre is always on the move and cool hotspots pop up regularly with innovative concepts. One of these is OX, which has found a place on the Lijnbaan. To be precise: on the corner of the Binnenwegplein, where the Urban Outfitters used to be and which has been filled with beautiful posters from the Depot for a while now.

What exactly OX will be, remains a secret for a while. But what we can share is that it will be a nice space where everything comes together. From food and drink, clothing, entertainment, art to well-being.

The Ox 1
This is where The Ox will be!
The Ox 2

Jumbo Koopgoot

Do you live in the heart of the centre? Or do you want to have a drink or snack while shopping? Then the new opening of the Jumbo offers the solution. In the basement of the new AIR building, they are working hard to build a big Jumbo supermarket. This will be next to the C&A Flagship Store and all the other wonderful shops that will enrich the AIR building.

The completion of the new AIR building is planned for Q1 in 2024. Just a little longer before we can admire this new addition in Rotterdam Centre!

Peace of Rock

On September 8, 2023, a store like we have not seen much will open in Rotterdam Centre. Peace of Rock is all about rocks. In other words: beautiful gemstones and minerals in all shapes and sizes!

If you would like a beautiful Amethyst or Fluorite, for example for yourself or as a gift, Peace of Rock will be the new go-to place from September 8 on the Aert van Nesstraat.

Mathilde Simon profiel Rotterdam Centrum
Written by Mathilde Simon
August 28, 2023