Entree Awards

6x nominated hotspots in Rotterdam

OX restaurant Rotterdam bar
Sil Lamens
Written by Sil Lamens
September 14, 2022

Horeca platform Entree has been an important indicator for the developments in the catering industry for 15 years. The entrance prizes are awarded to new or renovated establishments that set the tone for trends in the Netherlands and worldwide.

“The nominees show that despite the staff shortage and the rising costs, a successful concept can be realized. They are an example for entrepreneurs within and outside the industry. ” says Iris Kranenburg, jury chairman and editor-in-chief of Entree. Six of those successful companies come from Rotterdam! Who are they and what have they been nominated for?


Renilde has been selected in the 'Best New Restaurant Design' category. This category focuses on items that are distinguished by their striking design. The jury pays attention to distinctiveness in both appearance and functionality.

Renilde is located in perhaps one of the most special locations in Rotterdam, as the Restaurant is located on the roof of the Depot!

Between the trees on the roof terrace it seems as if you are eating in a park, while you have a view of the city from a height of 35 meters. The interior is not inferior to the art pieces in the Museum!

Hotel Not Hotel

Hotel Not Hotel has been chosen as one of the nominees in the category 'Best New Hotel <50 Rooms'. The hotel has a special atmosphere. Those who have been inside Hotel Not Hotel know why it is called that! It looks more like a Museum of Modern Art than a hotel.

The 36 hotel rooms that the artistic hotel has are hidden or disguised as art objects. Artists Arno Coenen, Hans van Bentem, Sander Wassink and Jelle Mastenbroek came together to make the coolest rooms in a vast variety of styles.

Hotel not Hotel Rotterdam zwembad
Hotel Not Hotel Rotterdam Centrum boeken

Club BIT

It used to be a brothel, now it's a nightclub and restaurant. Club BIT has been nominated in the 'Best New Nightlife Venue' category.

The same people behind the permanent Keile Café festival thought they could turn the old brothel into a nightclub. Electronic tunes and an intimate party atmosphere make for crazy nights that are often carried on until the early morning!

La Petite Soeur

La Petite Soeur has been nominated for the prize in the 'Best New Restobar' category. The little sister of Bistrot du Bac stands out to the jury for their delicious wines and sense of hospitality and conviviality.

La Petite Soeur was created during the peak of the pandemic, when only takeout was possible. It now has 38 seats, with an additional 40 in the summer. Come by for delicious French specialties.

OX Rotterdam

OX, located on the Schiekade between Rotterdam Centre and Rotterdam North, has been nominated in the category 'Best New Dine & Drink Concept <150 guests'. The restaurant takes Chinese and Malaysian cuisine to a new level under the direction of chef Alexander Wong.

It has a mysterious atmosphere with its location in a basement, right in the creative centre of the city. In an underground atmosphere, literally and figuratively, you will also enjoy perfect cocktails made by bartender Jacobo di Domenico.

OX restaurant Rotterdam

Restaurant Rotonde

Restaurant Rotonde, a restaurant located on the Goudsesingel, has been nominated in the category 'Best New Green Fine Dining'. The restaurant distinguishes itself with delicious vegetarian and vegan dishes that are not only tasty if you never eat meat, but can be enjoyed by everyone.

In addition to eating healthy, you also eat responsibly. In this way products of large multinationals are avoided and all aspects are being considered whether it is fair for the world.

Rotonde Rotterdam
Sil Lamens
Written by Sil Lamens
September 14, 2022