20221105 Popronde Rotterdam 1770 Fred Goverde Jessie Kamp

With more than 75 free performances at more than 30 locations, you can enjoy the traveling Popronde festival again this year. On November 4 you can enjoy the most talented acts, spread throughout the centre.

Rotterdam as a stage

During the Popronde, locations in the city centre provide a showcase for emerging Dutch talent. In addition to cafés and music venues, art galleries, the library and other special places will also be the setting for great performances. In Rotterdam, more than 30 locations are 'pop venues for a day'. This includes The Rooftop, Terraced Tower/The Villy, Centraal (Formerly Club Vibes), Het Nieuwe Cafe, Christiaan Lifestyle & Spa, De Gele Kanarie, DIG IT UP, Matrix Rotterdam, Old Scuola and Wolff Blitz.

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The programme

The official Popronde programme starts on November 4 in Caland/Schoen on the Nieuwe Binnenweg. At 1 PM to be precise. During the day you can visit dozens of performances throughout the city, such as in De Doelen, Theater Rotterdam, Dutch Dukes, Stalles, Library, Kunstuitleen, Brewpub Reijngoud and much more. From 11.45 PM, Bar3 is the place where the afterparty starts and where people party until the early hours.

And the entrance? It's completely free!

More Popronde

Rotterdam is not the only city where this traveling music festival stops. From September 10 to November, the more than 100 selected acts will travel to 42 cities throughout the country. Singer/songwriters, rappers, rockers and producers, all with different music styles.

More information about the Popronde and want to know what the programme is on November 4? Check it out via the link below!

20221105 Popronde Rotterdam 1770 Fred Goverde Jessie Kamp
Popronde Rotterdam
Visit the free traveling festival on November 4