Restaurants op de Coolsingel
Lisanne van Beurden profiel Rotterdam Centrum
Written by Lisanne van Beurden
January 4, 2024

The new year has arrived and many of us are striving to exercise more. For everyone who works in Rotterdam Centre, we have put together a pleasant city route of about 45 minutes below that you can walk during your lunch break. The route passes nice takeaway places, interesting sights and great shops!

The duration of the route of course depends on factors such as where you pick up something, whether there are queues, and whether you decide to shop in the centre. It is always possible to adjust the route to your wishes!

Starting point: Binnenwegplein

Of course we start with something to eat. You will find plenty of options on the Binnenwegplein!

Eat at one of the kiosks

For example, get a tasty sandwich at Tosti House, located opposite the entrance to Donner and close to Beurs metro station. Here they have an extensive selection of sandwiches, from a simple sandwich with cheese to richly topped sandwiches with mozzarella and sun-dried tomatoes or a sandwich with brie, honey and cashew nuts.

Right next to Tosti House is Trattoria Panini, where you often see a line, because the paninis here are to die for. These real Italian ciabattas are made in an authentic way by this family business.

For more options you can visit De Falafel, where, as the name suggests, you can pick up delicious falafel. Here you can order a delicious pita with different toppings. Also discover Picobello Fresh. The place you may have first recognized by the boxes full of fruit and vegetables has been transformed into a beautiful sandwich shop with fresh smoothies! The kiosk opposite the Van Haren is now a place with beautiful wooden counters and green coloured walls, where you can get fresh sandwiches, paninis and smoothies during your lunch.

Trattoria Panini Rotterdam Centrum De Maas Meisjes
Picobello Fresh


Boekhandel Donner

After (or before) getting something to eat, you of course step into the Donner. This store has been a household name in our city for more than a century. The building itself is worth a visit, because it is located in the old ABN AMRO building, a beautiful monumental building.

In addition to their immense book collection, they also sell puzzles and games, beautiful notebooks and stationery, agendas, vases, music records and much more. And did you know that there is a cozy café in the Donner where you can have something to eat? So if you have a little more time, fancy a tasty sandwich or soup and don't feel like getting food to go, then you've come to the right place.

After your visit to Donner, you can continue walking onto the Coolsingel. You then walk past more restaurants (also with takeaway options), including Ajisan, SHABU to go, Trattoria La Borsa and Wok To Go. So, if you didn't find something you were craving at the previous stop, here's another chance!

World Trade Center

Rotterdam is full of statues and works of art. Some images with beautiful stories or made by the greatest artists. For example, on the steps in front of the World Trade Center on the Coolsingel, you will find the statue of Gijsbert Karel van Hogendorp, with the Constitution of 1814 in his hand. Very appropriate since Van Hogendorp was a Rotterdam politician and one of the drafters of the Dutch Constitutions.

Donner zijkant
Donner interieur rotterdam

Koopgoot and Bijenkorf

Pay a quick visit to the Koopgoot and discover the new concept De Goot. A place where Sam Cruden, Tailors & Wearers and Cheraine Baljé make and sell fashion. These are not ready-made garments, but handmade items that are made on the spot while you watch! You can read more about it via the link below.

Even more excited about shopping? Then go past the Bijenkorf. De Bijenkorf simply has everything: a huge shoe department, beautiful designer clothing, a huge range of beauty brands, the most unique home accessories, jewelry and much more.

City hall Rotterdam

The historic City Hall of Rotterdam should certainly not be missed. Besides the fact that the building itself is beautiful to see, the City Hall is filled and surrounded with unique statues.

In the City Hall itself, for example, you will find sculptures of Queen Wilhelmina and Willem Frederik Hendrik, also known as Hendrik der Nederlanden, both from 1919 and made by Gra Rueb. Also not to be forgotten is the image that accompanies Rotterdam's motto: “Stronger through struggle”, by Hank Hans.

But that is of course not all. Above the clock of the City Hall you will find the Golden Angel of Peace by Johan Keller, or in a niche in front of the City Hall a bronze statue by Johan van Oldenbarnevelt. And discover the beautiful courtyard of the City Hall, publicly accessible when the City Hall is open.

De Goot foto 2
Image of De Goot.
Stadhuis Hugo de Groot Iris van den Broek
City Hall in Rotterdam.


From the City Hall you can walk straight to Blaak, where there is a lot to discover.


Of course, don't miss the Markthal. The various 'stalls' offer worldly flavours and unique dishes. For example, sit down at 21 Pinchos for delicious tapas, snack on a tasty dumpling from Uncle Wang, taste the Dutch croquette at Het Kroket Loket or eat a delicious warm stroopwafel at Goudstroop. With dozens of food stalls you will be kept busy for a while!

Even if you are already full from all the food, the Markthal is worth a visit. Of course the outside is already a real eye-catcher, but once inside you will also be amazed. Spread over the ceiling and then the walls, artist Arno Coenen has had a lot of fun. Colourful flowers and fruits cover the inside of the Market Hall and is therefore also called the Sistine Chapel of Rotterdam. It is certainly impressive.

Ode to Marten Toonder

Around the large street Blaak, there are also a number of gems that you should spot. For example, right next to the Markthal, on the Binnenrotte, is the 'Ode to Marten Toonder'. Marten was a Rotterdam comics artist, known for Olivier B. Bommel and Tom Poes. If you look closely at the image, you will also see four figures from his comics. The statue was made by the Rotterdam artists De Artoonisten.

Cube houses

If you still have time left, walk to the Cube Houses, opposite the Markthal. It seems impossible to live here, but that is exactly what happens here. The cubes consist of 38 homes and 13 business cubes, where you can have fun with a little creativity and adaptability.

Are you curious what it looks like on the inside? You can visit the Kijkkubus. But it is also nice to spend a night in Stayokay hostel.

Uncle Wang
Dumplings by Uncle Wang.
Rondje markthal

That was it! From Blaak you can walk back to the starting point, or simply back to the office. Have fun!

Lisanne van Beurden profiel Rotterdam Centrum
Written by Lisanne van Beurden
January 4, 2024