On land, at sea and in the air

Travel through Rotterdam in a unique way

Spido Rotterdam
Mathilde Simon profiel Rotterdam Centrum
Written by Mathilde Simon
August 18, 2021

You can of course discover the centre of Rotterdam on foot, but how nice is it to do this in a creative way? There are not only other, more efficient ways to discover the city centre, but also ways that are much more fun.

Read below the best tips with inspiration for your trip to Rotterdam. And before you know it, you'll be racing over, along or on the Maas!

Sail on the Maas

With an enormous harbour, a world-famous river and beautiful marinas, Rotterdam is a city that you should (also) discover from the water. It is not only beautiful, but also a nice outing for young and old.

One of the most efficient ways to discover Rotterdam from the water is by water taxi. There are more than 50 pick-up locations throughout the city, from where you will be sailed across the water at great speed. This is not only a lot faster than by road, but also a lot more fun! Check the Watertaxi website for pick-up locations and to reserve your taxi.

Would you rather admire the Maas and all the surrounding buildings at a slower pace? Then a cruise on the Spido is ideal. You will find the boarding point under the Erasmus Bridge and the boat will take you past various places around Rotterdam. For example, you can book an extensive harbour tour or a nice summer evening cruise. Check the Spido website to see what is possible.

Finally, there is the Splashtour. A great experience in which you drive into the water in a bright yellow bus. It is not just any bus, but an amphibious bus that, after a dip in the Meuse, will take you past the most beautiful places in the city.

Spido Rotterdam
Watertaxi Erasmusbrug Rotterdam

Experience the Segway Tour

Rotterdam is quite a big city, especially if you want to see a lot of things in a short time. Walking is of course a fun way to discover all the streets and hidden spots of the city, but a more fun way to do this is with a Segway tour.

With a Segway you race through the city in a unique way. You can easily climb the Erasmus Bridge and enjoy the view over the Maas.

This Segway tour
lasts 75 minutes and includes an explanation from an experienced instructor; so handy. You can coordinate the route with the guide so that you can visit all your favourite places in the city.

Cycle around the city

The Netherlands is a real cycling country. Discovering the city by bike is therefore a must. The best way to do this is of course with a tour. That way you can be sure that you will discover the most beautiful places and learn the best facts about the city.

A nice tour through the city is, for example, this Highlight Tour, in which you get to see all the highlights of Rotterdam in just over 2.5 hours. Think of the Central Station, the Market Hall, the Erasmus Bridge, the City Hall, the Cube Houses, The White House, Katendrecht and much more.

Of course you can also explore on your own, by renting a bicycle and plotting your own route. There are several ways to rent a bicycle. Are you staying in a hotel? There is a good chance that the hotel offers bicycle rental. Do you have an OV card? Then easily rent an OV-fiets at Rotterdam Central. In the other cases, there are plenty of apps or shops to rent a bike, such as Donkey Republic.

Fietsers Rotterdam

Fly over the city

You can admire Rotterdam on land, in the water, but also from the air. This may not be for everyone, but from Rotterdam The Hague Airport you can see the city from the air with a small plane.

How exactly does this work? Via Sand Air, for example, you can book a flying lesson. Together with an experienced pilot you fly the plane over Rotterdam. There is no better view!

Would you rather be a passenger? That is of course also possible. Then book a sightseeing flight with max. 3 people. Together with the pilot you map out a nice route above the city, such as over the Erasmus Bridge or, for example, your own house!

Vliegen Rotterdam
Mathilde Simon profiel Rotterdam Centrum
Written by Mathilde Simon
August 18, 2021