Toiletten Bijenkorf
Sil Lamens
Written by Sil Lamens
August 17, 2022

We've all been threw it at some point: you've gotta go but nowhere seems to be a toilet. There are some public toilets in Rotterdam Centre, but that does not outweigh the number of toilets open in restaurants and shops where you can go.

Actually, you could always do your small or big 'thing' somewhere in the centre, but not everyone knows about the spots. That is why we have listed the most convenient toilets for you. This way you can take a leak in peace during your visit to Rotterdam Centre.

Need to go in the Koopgoot?

Plagued by an urgent need for a toilet visit in the Koopgoot? Then fear not! A stone's throw away you can go to these open toilets.


At HEMA you can enjoy a clean toilet. You pay fifty cents to the friendly toilet lady and are free to do your thing.

De Bijenkorf

De Bijenkorf is large, so you may just have to go to the toilet while snooping around. Fortunately, they have very neat and spacious toilets here, so that you don't have to queue too long and can continue shopping fresh and relieved.

Let it go at the Lijnbaan

The Lijnbaan also has a few open toilets where you are welcomed with open arms.

Ulla Popken

At Ulla Popken, in addition to purchasing large sizes of fashion for ladies with style, you can also go to the toilet. Totally free!

Burger King

The toilet at the Burger King is best avoided if you want to stick to your diet, but if there really is no other option, you can do your thing here for only fifty cents.

Toilet Walhalla at the Oude Binnenweg

The picturesque Oude Binnenweg is a real toilet Walhalla. You will find numerous restaurants and shops where you can go to the toilet.

La Place

Take a seat at La Place. A very clean toilet, which is reflected in the price you pay. A visit costs one euro.

Lunchroom Figaro

At Lunchroom Figaro they sell delicious sandwiches and coffee and you can also go to the toilet for free! Great to combine with a quick lunch.

Cafe Melief Bender

Café Melief Bender is one of Rotterdam's oldest pubs. Hospitality is nothing new to them, so you can just go to the toilet for free.


There are also some public toilets and you can actually go to almost any restaurant in the hospitable Rotterdam Centre to go to the toilet. If you still want to check which locations you can go to, check the HogeNood app.

Sil Lamens
Written by Sil Lamens
August 17, 2022