Win a year of free travel

Brug en tram Iris van den Broek

Have you already seen the 'Aardig Onderweg' Challenge? A cool campaign in which you can win a year of traveling with the RET!

The RET often has pretty cool Aardig Onderweg challenges. And this month it's happening again! The 'Proud of the city' challenge is a photo competition in which you can portray the sustainable network of RET in a beautiful way. Do you see yourself winning this challenge? Then read on!

The challenge

For this photo challenge, RET asks you to send a photo on or around the sustainable network. This can be from an impressive view, a nice moment or from a beautiful person. A combination is of course also possible! With these photos in which nature, people and/or the city play the leading role, a photo exhibition is made in the Rotterdam Public Transport Museum.

How to participate

Participating is simple! Did you manage to shoot the perfect shot? Upload your photo via the Aardig Onderweg website. You can submit until 7 June 2023. The final will take place on Friday 9 June, as well as the above-mentioned exhibition. Here we find out who will be the winner of that great prize: free travel for a year!

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