24 hours of party Weelde Festival

Written by Sil Lamens

Saturday September 10 is the day: the first edition of the Weelde Festival will start. For a 24-hour period, Weelde visitors can find themselves in a Valhalla of good food, awesome music and defined art.

There is plenty to do during the festival, such as a market, a harvest festival, a musical merry-go-round, VR experience and of course many performances. This means no time to get bored for a whole day!

24 hours culture and entertainment

You can get a ticket for only the night or the afternoon, but for people who like an after party it is possible to get a ticket for the entire 24 hours. For the first time in Weelde's three-year history, the entire site is being used!

According to Weelde, it's quite a task as all kinds of things are happening in ten different places, while also working together with many different organizations. When it comes to the programme, Weelde decided to not go for a few big headliners, but chooses to put on a diverse and varied programme.

Line up

Weelde, with its many concepts, is different every day and at every moment, but during the Weelde Festival everything comes together and you can experience everything in an adventure without an end. This is also reflected in the line-up. Art and music collective FOMO will provide 'the blue hall' with banging dance music for 24 hours (!!). There is also a party bus on the site and of course the harvest festival takes place in the vegetable garden.

During the day you can go to the Poolcafé for a skate competition, and at night it is transformed into a chill area. The Poolcafé will be have a DJ with chill music and stunning visuals.

There is also the possibility to have change your appearance a bit. Drop by Stay Classy tattoo for an awesome tattoo or check out Roffa Gems and let your teeth shine. Anything is possible at Weelde!

Written by Sil Lamens
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