Spring breeze

New spring showcase on the Lijnbaan

Lente vitrine Rotterdam Centrum 1

Have you spotted the iconic showcases on the Lijnbaan yet? These change regularly in terms of content, so you can learn something about things like the reconstruction of Rotterdam or, for example, King's Day over the years.

Now that spring has arrived, it's time for a new interpretation. A spring showcase! A colourful glass box in which you can view the spring program of the city.

Colourful collaboration

The iconic showcases are in full bloom, with a creative touch from Rotterdam Centre and Charlotte van Otterloo. Did you know that the display cases have been there since the fifties? The Rotterdam maker Charlotte van Otterloo has transformed this showcases into a spring breeze. She combines different disciplines in her work, from illustrations and animations to installations and exhibitions that appeal to young and old.

Have you spotted this creative outburst on the Lijnbaan yet?

Lente vitrine Rotterdam Centrum
Lente vitrine Rotterdam Centrum 1