Rotterdam turns orange

Celebrate King's Day 2024 in Rotterdam

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Mathilde Simon profiel Rotterdam Centrum
Written by Mathilde Simon
February 10, 2024

On Saturday April 27, 2024, Rotterdam will turn orange. A festive day, when the city is filled with parties, flea markets and orange tompouches!

Last year it was Rotterdam's turn to receive the Royal family. A special day in our city, where thousands of people waited along the Royal Route to catch a glimpse of the family. This year, however, it's time for an old-fashioned party, a tour of the flea markets or of course a day of shopping in Rotterdam!

Shopping in Rotterdam Centre on King's Day

Do you feel like shopping on this festive day? That is possible in Rotterdam! The shops here are open as usual, and that is unique! Rotterdam is the only city in the Netherlands where shops are regularly open on King's Day. Below you will find more information about the opening hours and of course everything related to the flea market.

Opening hours of shops in Rotterdam Centre

We know better than anyone that Rotterdam is unique. This applies especially on King's Day, because the shops in Rotterdam Centre are open regularly on Saturday, April 27. This means shop open their doors at 9 or 10 AM!

Of course, adjusted opening hours may apply at your favorite store. It is therefore always advisable to check these on the website of the store itself. More info? Read it via the button below.


Flea market on King's Day in Rotterdam Centre

For the ultimate nostalgic feeling on King's Day, you of course take to the streets with a rug to sell your stuff. From Schouwburgplein to Eendrachtsplein you are welcome again to sell your things.

Eating & drinking on King's Day in Rotterdam Centre

The nicest cafes during King's Day

Do you spend the day strolling through the city? Then you could use a pit stop! For example, at a nice café in our city centre. Drink a beer on the terrace of Sijf or dance until the late hours at café de Witte Aap.


Lunch during King's Day in Rotterdam Centre

Rotterdam Centre is full of the nicest restaurants. Between browsing the flea market and shopping on the Lijnbaan, you also have to eat. Use the button below to see which places in Rotterdam Centre you can enjoy a delicious lunch at!

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De Falafel

King's Day festivals in Rotterdam

Would you rather celebrate the day with a good festival? Every year there are a few popular parties planned where there will be music, drinks, fun and food all day long. As always, you celebrate the Kralingse Bos Festival in the Kralingse Bos. For euphoric rave, rattling techno and hypersonic house, go to Oranjebitter in the Roel Langerakpark.

Of course there will also be a lot of parties and festivals in other places in the city. Think of Stadhuisplein, Kingsland in the Zuiderpark, Kroonjuweel in the Keilecafé and a great party in the Garden of Bird.

Mathilde Simon profiel Rotterdam Centrum
Written by Mathilde Simon
February 10, 2024