World Animal Day

Dress to Impress DogWalk in the Koopgoot

Kooptgoot door Guido Pijper

Are you a dog lover? Then come to the Koopgoot in Rotterdam on Saturday, October 7. In honor of Animal Day, the Dress to Impress Dogwalk will take place here!

On this day, the Koopgoot is transformed into a meeting place for dog lovers and their four-legged friends. Expect an abundance of brightly dressed dogs of all shapes and sizes at this unique event.

De Dress to Impress DogWalk

The highlight of the day will be a DogWalk, where dogs and their proud owners show their creativity by dressing their furry companions in the most stunning outfits they can imagine. No theme is too crazy, so let your imagination run wild!

Does this sound like something for you? For just €3 (contact) you can register your dog and stroll along the green carpet with your four-legged friend. At the end of this stylish parade, an expert jury awaits to judge the participants and their furry models.

Dog photobooth

And that is not all! After the assessment, the proud owners and their dogs will have the opportunity to be immortalized in a photo booth. The shared photos will later be admired on the Koopgoot's Facebook page.


All proceeds from the registration fee will be put to good use. These are donated to the Rijnmond Animal Food Bank. A foundation that provides people in need with essential pet food for their dogs.

At around 15:45 PM the jury in the Koopgoot will select the three best-dressed dogs and reward them with great prizes. The Dress to Impress DogWalk promises to be a fun-filled event for dogs and the local dog ownership community. So, put October 7, 2023 in your diary and come to the Koopgoot in Rotterdam Centre between 2:00 PM and 4:00 PM to celebrate your love for dogs together during the DogWalk!

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