Visit the Marie-Stella-Maris Brand Store & Refill Station

Marie Stella Maris opent in Rotterdam

Have you spotted the Marie-Stella-Maris store on the Meent yet? This is not only a brand store, but also the place where you can restock your favourite products!

Luxury with a social mission

You may know this brand as the luxury brand with delicious body care products, home perfumes and mineral water. But did you know that they also have a social mission? Marie-Stella-Maris focuses on the development of timeless and high-quality packaging that lasts a long time and can be refilled endlessly. By refilling you save waste, CO2 and water - and reduce your impact on the environment. Every Marie-Stella-Maris Store also serves as a Refill Station. You can refill almost the entire range at the Refill Bar at a reduced price. In addition, refill packaging is also available in the webshop, which allows you to easily save waste and costs. Join the refillution!

With successful so-called Refill Stations in Amsterdam, Utrecht and Breda, among others, the new store in Rotterdam also has its own Refill Bar, where popular products such as hand soap, body wash and fragrance sticks can be refilled.

‘By refilling you save waste, CO2 and water - and reduce your impact on the environment.’

Surprising scents

All Marie-Stella-Maris products are developed with a lot of attention and love. With carefully chosen contrasting fragrance notes, they create surprising, yet balanced and layered luxurious fragrances, each with a unique character. From fresh and sparkling, warm and woody to floral and gourmand.

‘Happy Hour at the Refill Bar’

To encourage reuse, Marie-Stella-Maris has come up with something fun for Rotterdam customers. Every Wednesday afternoon between 1:00 PM and 6:00 PM you can come and refill your empty product for no less than 50% of the new price. A good reason to come by soon!