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Eating out for Valentine's Day

Rotonde Rotterdam
Lisanne van Beurden profiel Rotterdam Centrum
Written by Lisanne van Beurden

It is always nice to go on a date with your loved one. On Valentine's Day you can pull out all the stops for a romantic dinner in Rotterdam Centre. Where to go? You can read that here!


Restaurant Joelia, where the Rotterdam star chef Mario Ridder is in charge, is located in the Hilton hotel on the Coolsingel. This fine restaurant is ideal for a romantic evening on Valentine's Day.

You can enjoy French cuisine in this Michelin-starred restaurant. Order something from the à la carte menu or choose a set menu with Mario's favourites. Do you want to combine the dinner with a wine arrangement and still go home by car? At Joelia they think of everything. You can book a driver in advance who will take you home in your own car.

Or maybe you want to combine a night out with a romantic overnight stay? You can book a room at a 20% discount via the Joelia website. This way you really make it an unforgettable night.


Romantically sharing food together is certainly possible at DoDo on the Karel Doormanstraat. From the Mediterranean coast to the Middle East and Asia, at DoDo the flavours come from all corners of the world. Add a tropical cocktail and your evening is complete!

The interior of DoDo is also beautiful. Every room is different. When you step inside, you will find The Grand Café full of historic showpieces, cosy sitting areas and atmospheric bars. Then there is The Cocktail Bar, where you can sip the most exotic cocktails together.

But that's not all. You have The Cigar Room, where you can enjoy a dinner in the style of the old cigar rooms (minus the cigars), The Havana Room, with a colourful and bohemian interior and a view of our city and The Music Room, full of inspiration from jazz history with red upholstered chairs and vintage wooden tables.

Finally, in DoDo you will find The Tattoo Room, for couples who prefer rough and tough. The interior is inspired by an authentic tattoo shop with Japanese influences. There is something for everyone!

Do Do Kruiskade Rotterdam interieur
DoDo's interior and delicious snacks to share.
Do Do Kruiskade Rotterdam eten

The Millèn

It is undeniable that The Millèn is a romantic restaurant. From your table you can look out through the floor-to-ceiling windows at Rotterdam Central Station, one of the many iconic buildings in our city.

There are plenty of reasons to visit The Millèn. It says enough that the restaurant had a Michelin star in its pocket within just five months. The excellent service, the pleasant ambiance, the high-quality culinary dishes by top chef Wim Severein and of course the view make this a real star restaurant.

The Millen Rotterdam Emma Groenenboom


Restaurant Amarone is located on the Meent, a fantastic star restaurant. The luxurious look of the interior, including the Japanese-inspired photo artwork by photographer Casper Faassen and a fireplace, makes Amarone feel warm and romantic.

Chef Jan van Dobben is in the kitchen, who takes inspiration from French and Japanese cuisine. Hostess-sommelier Yoshiko van Dobben-Takayama provides matching wines with the dishes.

Amarone interieur Meent Rotterdam Adinda de Boer

De Euromast

Another restaurant with a beautiful view. Where else can you enjoy Rotterdam more than on the Euromast? In the restaurant of this watchtower you can enjoy brunch, lunch, high tea, high wine or dinner.

Take your date with you for a delicious multi-course menu and then gaze dreamily about the city together. Visit the viewing platform and enjoy a 360 degree view over our city. This will make it an evening you will never forget.

2018 Euromast12 Irisvanden Broek 1


Rather not have an extensive dinner, but just a bite and drink? Botanero is a very nice date spot for this! A Botanero comes from Latin America and is a mix of a bar, restaurant, cantina and tasting room in one. This is exactly what you can expect here.

At Botanero in Rotterdam you can choose from cocktails, different beers and wines, snacks and dishes to share. So have a cocktail together and enjoy some South American snacks to top it off. Everything here is always homemade with fresh, local ingredients.

Botanero can be found on the corner of Mariniersweg and you will easily recognize it by all the cosy string lights hanging over the terrace.


Restaurant Rotonde

Do you and your love like to discover new places? Then go to the new hotspot Restaurant Rotonde!

At this restaurant you eat dishes made with natural ingredients. It is a progressive restaurant and wine bar, with locally prepared vegetables, grains, legumes, fruits, mushrooms and more. As pure as possible. Of course you drink a delicious glass of their natural wine, to complete the romantic evening.

You will find Rotonde on the Goudsesingel, a few minutes' walk from the centre.

Rotonde Rotterdam
Lisanne van Beurden profiel Rotterdam Centrum
Written by Lisanne van Beurden