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Rotterdam Architecture Month 2024: follow the architectural interventions in Museum Park

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The annual Rotterdam Architecture Month is just around the corner. This year, the festival heart will be located in the Museum Park, where visitors can follow a special route past various architectural interventions by a new generation of Rotterdam-based designers.

Rediscover the Museum Park

What exactly do these architectural interventions entail? The interventions tell stories about the past, present and future of the park and allow visitors to experience the area in a different way. For example, the Rotterdam Architecture Month allows visitors to literally rediscover the Museum Park.

The walking route connects cultural institutions, special places and inspiring stories and takes visitors past architecture, nature and visual arts. The concept and development of this route with interventions was devised by OMI – Office for Metropolitan Information and AIR – Architecture Institute Rotterdam.

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A new generation of designers

The new generation of Rotterdam-based designers have something beautiful in store for you. One of the eye-catchers is the 'Time Tower' by architect Alexandra Sonnemans in the garden of Huis Sonneveld. This lookout post and exhibition space in one takes visitors on a journey through the rich history of the area: from the Land of Hoboken, an open polder plain, via football fields and the Floriade 1960 to the current Museum Park.

The route continues straight through Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen and the exhibition 'Snakken naar Boijmans', where various interventions by artists bring the empty building to life.

Through the side entrance of the museum, visitors enter the Henket pavilion, where the history of the museum building is central. On display are models of the classic Van der Steur design, but also the equally important additions by Bodon, Henket and Robbrecht en Daem. What the future plans look like is not (yet) known, but one thing is certain: the museum building is constantly moving.

From the Museum Garden to the Rose Garden

From the Henket pavilion, visitors can walk across a bridge designed by DaF architects that creates a temporary connection between the Museum Garden and the Rose Garden. With its design, the bridge fits seamlessly into a rich tradition of bridges in the Museum Park, while at the same time the bridge brings a bit of naturalization to the middle of the city.

Studio Inscape designed a garden house for the Rose Garden itself, which also serves as a visitor centre for the Rotterdam Architecture Month. Visitors can walk right through this intervention and discover everything about the soil, plants and animals in the park and also about the theme of the regenerative city garden.

In the traverse between the Erasmus MC and the Museum Park, Atelier Tomas Dirrix and Chantal Schoenmakers designed a modular exhibition about the green future of the city. The exhibition with work by around 20 different designers explores the theme of this Rotterdam Architecture Month in four parts: Garden of the City.

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About the Rotterdam Architecture Month

The RA Month is the largest architecture festival in the Netherlands about the future of the city. The month is in June every year and each edition chooses a new appropriate location for the festival heart. There is something to do for everyone, regardless of knowledge or experience with architecture.

The Rotterdam Architecture Month takes place from 1 to 30 June 2024. Do you want to go to 'Snakken naar Boijmans'? It will run for another week. The festival heart is located in the Museum Park, but the entire programming consists of approximately 140 events spread over more than 50 locations!

Visit striking interventions, tours, workshops, lectures, exhibitions, films and festivities. Explore the city of the future! The month is an initiative of AIR – Architecture Institute Rotterdam, Rotterdam Festivals and Rotterdam Partners.

Rotterdam Architecture Month
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