De IJsmaker Ice cream on the Nieuwe Binnenweg?

Written by Sil Lamens

This summer all heat records have already been broken. Cooling down is therefore important and can also be very tasty. At the IJsmaker you could already go to three locations for the most delicious ice creams and a fourth has now been added!

De IJsmaker opens its fourth location on the famous Nieuwe Binnenweg, number 147. Now you can also go to the west of Rotterdam Centre for a cone with one (or two, or three, or four) of the dozens of delicious flavours!

Successful renovation

De IJsmaker has succeeded in completely transforming the building on the Nieuwe Binnenweg to the sleek and modern ice cream parlour as it is at the three other locations. The IJsmakers share images of before and after the transformation on Instagram, which look amazing!

De IJsmaker thinks along with people who would rather not stand in line. You can now also order from one of the 'easy order' screens at the new location. Ideal!

Delicious assortment

We are of course used to the most special and tasty flavours from De IJsmaker. Fortunately, this is also the case at the new location. Are you going for mango sorbet or pistachio flavour? Don't forget to top your ice cream with one of the delicious toppings such as the chocolate dip or go for a classic whipped cream swirl.

Are you on the Nieuwe Binnenweg and looking to cool down? You know where to go!

Written by Sil Lamens
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