Lijnbaan exhibition Gallery of Honour of Dutch photography

Written by Lisanne van Beurden

For the first time in history, a Gallery of Honour has been put together for photography as a contemporary and topical medium. This worldwide first can be seen in the Nederlands Fotomuseum and in our Lijnbaan showcase!

Gallery of Honour of Dutch Photography

In the Gallery of Honour in the Nederlands Fotomuseum, 99 photos together tell the story of the development of photography in the Netherlands from 1842. It shows the highlights, the innovations and the enormous strides that photographers have made. Every photo of this Hall of Fame is of iconic value due to their social and artistic significance.

Complete the Gallery of Honour

Why not 100 photos? This was done deliberately. One image has been left open. The public can participate in this decision and complete the Gallery of Honour: 99+1. You can therefore directly add your choice and complete the Gallery of Honour via the QR code in the Lijnbaan display.

Will you come and have a look soon and complete the exhibition by adding your favourite photo? The Gallery of Honour can be admired until the end of this year.

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These showcases are an awesome reference to the fifties, when the Lijnbaan opened as the first car-free shopping area in the world.
Written by Lisanne van Beurden
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