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Living in Rotterdam Centre

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The ever-changing skyline and modern architecture make Rotterdam what it is today: a dynamic young metropolis. Creative businesses, restaurants, shops and art institutions enrich the streets of the city.

And then we have the Maas, with the world-famous Erasmus Bridge bending over it. All this makes Rotterdam an exciting city to live in and a real “Manhattan on the Maas”.

This vibrant international city currently has 652,541 inhabitants. It is expected to increase by 55,000 inhabitants each year from now until 2035. Due to the considerable growth of inhabitants, many interesting new construction projects are being realized and it seems that a new skyscraper is being built each month.

What kind of neighbourhoods can be found in Rotterdam Centre? Read about it below.

Rotterdam Central District

The good accessibility, innovative companies and restaurants make Rotterdam Central District an attractive area to live. It is a lively place where more than thousands of people arrive daily via Rotterdam Central Station. Here you are in contact with the rest of the world.

In 2025, a new imposing building will arise between the central station and Central Post: Tree House. A green place where you can live, work and do fun activities. Tree House is inspired by the ecosystem of a tree. It has a wooden look, the terraces are full of trees and plants and durable maintenance-free materials have been used.

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The Meent and the MaHo-Kwartier

The Meent is a lively street where there is something to do at any time of the day. It is full of cosy restaurants where you can enjoy a steaming bowl of pho or a fresh plate of pasta and trendy shops for men and women, young and old.

The Pannekoekstraat starts around the corner from the Meent and a little further on you can find the Botersloot and Nieuwemarkt. These three together form the MaHo-Kwartier (Maagd van Holland area), full of unique boutiques, cafes, restaurants and shops. During the weekend you can drink a beer here at Bokaal or visit the Saturday market on the Binnenrotte. A wonderful, lively place to live!


The name Cool says it all, of course, because this is the cool, bustling city centre of Rotterdam. A lot of greenery, art and retail can be found in the middle of this district, which makes it an inspiring place to live.

In the south of this district is the cultural heart of Rotterdam, namely the Witte de Withstraat. Art galleries, restaurants, shops and walls full of art ensure that you will never be bored here.

In Cool-Noord you have the central shopping area with Lijnbaan, Kruiskade, Koopgoot and Bijenkorf, but also De Doelen, Schouwburgplein and the Calypso apartment complex.

Many homes in this district have been renovated to give residents the modern comfort of living in new construction, with the allure of a monumental building. For example, on the Kruiskade you have the City House apartments, where a mix of young professionals from home and abroad live. This building was designed in 1955 by architectural firm Van Tijen en Maaskant and consists of 88 two-room and 33 three-room apartments.

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Maritime District

In the Maritime District, located between Blaak and the Boompjes, impressive high-rise buildings are combined with water and history.

This unique city district includes Leuvehaven, Glashaven, Scheepmakershaven and Oude Haven and is the most water-rich part of the centre. Here you will find the historic White House, once the tallest building in Europe, as well as houseboats, restaurants, residential towers and offices.

Due to the short walking distance of all shops in the Koopgoot and the Maas, this is also one of the most desirable residential locations in Rotterdam. No wonder that many new construction projects are underway here. One of the new residential towers in this area is the Terraced Tower. From this stately building you have the Maas and the city centre at your feet.

Kop van Zuid

Opposite the city centre, on the south bank of the Nieuwe Maas, is a peninsula with the modern Kop van Zuid district. Here you find yourself between all the modern architecture and refurbished warehouses and you almost break your neck by staring at all the skyscrapers.

Right next to the Erasmus Bridge is De Rotterdam by architect Rem Koolhaas. This is a vertical city with luxury apartments, office spaces, a hotel and restaurants. From the ceiling-high windows you look out over the Maas and you can see the water taxis speeding by.

Eat at one of the many hotspots, walk along the quays and enjoy the view over the Maas. For example, visit Hotel New York, where you can still find a piece of history. Once upon a time, many Europeans left here with the Holland America Line to America.

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