Dâk erasmusburg middag
Sil Lamens
Written by Sil Lamens

Barbecue, dance, have fun! It's all possible at DÂK. Since the 15th of July, DÂK visitors can return to the roof of Westblaak parking for the first time in three years.

If you like an underground festival atmosphere at a unique location, DÂK is a must! For the small contribution of three euros you are at the most unique roof park slash festival site in the Netherlands. Here you can enjoy hamburgers and drinks with a view of Rotterdam icons.

Barbecue in the air

Barbecuing in the sun at a height of more than thirty meters is nothing new at DÂK, but for most people it is! The barbecues are glowing and ready for you and just like with a 'normal' barbecue you bring your own food. You are completely free to burn your burgers however you want.

During your barbecue you can enjoy a delicious drink from the bar. From a nice cold beer to frozen margaritas. At DÂK you can enjoy a wonderful atmosphere in our city's one and only pop-up park!

Dâk erasmusburg middag

Extra attention for sports this year

At DÂK it's not just drinking beer and eating burgers. Fitness is important this year because let's be honest, we all gained some corona weight. DÂK provides great sports activities.

The gentlemen from around the table provide a great table tennis tournament, there is a social sports club, a table football table, jeu de boules and… a bowling alley! This way you can also lose some energy at DÂK.


Roof party

Go out of your mind at DÂK! Enjoy the best house DJs and musicians at DÂK or let yourself be carried away in BIRD's Jazzy Sundays. DÂK has a full program this summer with great live music and performances.

A small selection from the broad program:

  • 22/07 | Reggae Pon Di Roof | Start your weekend with delicious reggae jams featuring Mystic Pulse, Shamba Lion and JamJam Sound.
  • 23/07 | Upper Grounds | Sounds from all over the world, but also great experimental beats from local producers. Something for everyone!
  • 24/07 | Funk on a sunny day | Three local DJ heroes with a combined spinning experience of 120 years! Lovely funk on a sunny Sunday.
  • 27/07 | Boogie Boules | Mooie Boules and Boogie Express provide jeu de boule and a great party

Don't forget to check the full program on the DÂK insta!

DÂK erasmusbrug avond

For only three euros you can visit DÂK this summer. This is possible from Tuesday to Friday from 14:00 and from Friday to Sunday from 15:00 to 13 August! Will you be there?

Sil Lamens
Written by Sil Lamens