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Wanted: First Fashion Mayor of Rotterdam

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Rotterdam is untamed; a city full of culture, art, and fashion. Now it’s time for Rotterdam Centre to find its own Fashion Mayor.

Do you feel the energy of Rotterdam? Does fashion flow through your veins and do you have the guts to show it off? We are looking for a trailblazer who represents Rotterdam as a global hotspot for daring fashion. Are you that game changer? Register and become the driving force behind the transformation of Rotterdam Centre into the diverse heart of the fashion world. Read below how you can become the very first Fashion Mayor of Rotterdam!

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Claim your style in Rotterdam Centre!

For a year you will be the one and only Fashion Mayor! And as Fashion Mayor of Rotterdam you get a prominent role in the city with nice benefits. This is what you can expect:

  • Score €750 shopping credit to explore Rotterdam Centre.
  • As an ambassador of Rotterdam Centre, you set the tone.
  • You will establish new collaborations.
  • Become the face and voice of the various events in the city.

What a Fashion Mayor does:

  • One spectacular social post every week on various platforms. Show your latest looks, share your best tips, and stay ahead of the latest fashion trends.
  • Rock the social events for at least two hours per month.

Ready to rule as Fashion Mayor? This is what we need from you for your application:

  • Capture your Rotterdam: Take a photo of a look that embodies the true Rotterdam spirit for you. Tell us why this look captures the spirit of the city.
  • Pitch yourself: Who are you and what is your connection to Rotterdam? Keep it short and powerful.
  • Where to follow: On which socials can we spot you?

What to expect after your application?

  • Deadline alert: Make sure you’re in, applications can be submitted until August 25.

  • Big reveal: On August 31, we’ll announce the names of the three finalists. Keep an eye out.

  • Insider Info: Block September 14 in your calendar. The finalists will steal the show during a fashion show in Rotterdam Centre, where they will present their own looks to the world.

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