Staying the night 4 Hotels with an amazing view

Written by Mathilde Simon

When we think of Rotterdam, we think of the impressive high-rise buildings, the urban icons, the cosiness of the Witte de Withstraat and the energetic, well-spoken people. Things we all want to see and experience. And preferably both during the day as the night.

Hotels with a good location and an amazing view over the bustling city are therefore a luxury that we certainly want during our visit. Below we share 4 beautiful hotels, where the city lies at (or under) your feet.


You can spend the night in the heart of the city centre at the Marriott Hotel. As soon as you leave Central Station, you can already see the tall building sparkle.

But what does this hotel have to offer? A host of facilities first of all, such as two restaurants, a club lounge, meeting rooms and a gym. But what makes the hotel even more unique is of course the view.

‘With a cup of coffee or tea you can stare out of the window for hours, while the bustle of the city takes place right under your nose.’

The deluxe rooms have large windows, which give an incredible view over the centre of the city. The best view is of course the Central Station.

With a cup of coffee or tea you can stare out of the window for hours, while the bustle of the city takes place right under your nose. Trams speeding by, travellers rushing to their train and cyclists on their way home or to work. And for the ultimate feeling, you do this at sunrise or sunset. There’s no better way of waking up.

The bellhop hotel

This may not be the typical view over the impressive skyline, De Maas or a busy Central Station, but here you get to see the bustling heart of the Witte de With quarter right outside your window.

At the bellhop hotel on the Witte de Withstraat you are right above the nicest and most bustling place in Rotterdam, if you ask us. And this of course means that after a night out, you are home in a split second.

The limited space of the Witte de Withstraat and the hotel is used efficiently. The rooms are small-scale but very modern, sustainable and simply have everything you need. And the best part is of course the opening windows, so that you are directly above the cosiness of the street.

Extra nice at this hotel is the restaurant downstairs, where they serve delicious all-day breakfast dishes. Highly recommended.

Enjoy the bubbles in the Jacuzzi during your stay at the Euromast. Unforgettable!

Thon Hotel

One step outside and you are face to face with the Rotterdam icon the Erasmus Bridge. The sloshing water of the Maas, the sounds of the centre and the impressive views of the bridge, the Kop van Zuid and the passing ships are all right in front of the Thon Hotel.

The hotel has different room types, but our tip is of course to take the Superior room with a view over the river. In terms of breakfast, you can visit their restaurant where they serve a buffet. They also have a café bar, called De Swaan. Including a terrace with an amazing view of course.


You may not have expected it, but staying overnight at the Euromast is not as crazy as it sounds.

It's a completely different experience than you might be used to: no hundreds of rooms and endless corridors, but an exclusive suite where you get a jacuzzi or rain shower, champagne, TV and delicious breakfast. All of this with the city literally at your feet.

Written by Mathilde Simon
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