Brammetje? Bram Ladage Binnenwegplein will reopen

Written by Sil Lamens

It has been almost a year since our Bram Ladage closed its doors on Binnenwegplein. In August, the heartbreaking news came out that the iconic building on Binnenwegplein would be demolished.


This provoked a lot of reactions, because that fries with mayonnaise on the Binnenwegplein had become a habit for many Rotterdammers. Fortunately, owner and founder of the Rotterdam fries franchise Abram Ladage intervened. He bought the property back from the franchise entrepreneur who operated the property until its closure, and began renovating the striking property!

Reopening Bram Ladage

Fortunately for everyone who loves a portion of fries: the most iconic Bram Ladage building will open its doors again in September! Everyone can then come by again for a brammetje.

Mr Ladage recently announced that, despite the fact that he would have liked to see some major renovations himself, the building will remain more or less the same. With this he shows he listens to many Rotterdammers who would rather not see the classic business with its characteristic Pepsi-Cola can and metal facade change.

Bram Ladage, already empty
Bram Ladage during the renovation

Bram Ladage since 1967

Rotterdammers have been able to go to Bram Ladage for delicious fresh fries since 1967 at Bram Ladage. Founder Abram Ladage drove his fries stall along Rotterdam markets.

In the 1980s, a disaster unfolded. A fire broke out in the fries stand and both the fries stand and Ladage did not escape without damage. Ladage recovered excellently after this and started chip shops in permanent branches that first grew into a chain, then the franchise formula started.

Bram Ladage now has dozens of branches in South Holland and Utrecht. Of course, a large part of it is in Rotterdam! You can now visit 14 Bram Ladage's in the Port City!

Mark your calendar for September!

Written by Sil Lamens
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